Weekend reading: April 30, 2016


From Instagram: This is my reality, y’all: Sean’s been gone for two days, the babies are sick and barely slept last night, it’s rainy and depressing, the 2yo gave up naps today, I have been sitting at my computer for 5 days straight (I’m pretty sure it’s grown into my lap at this point!), I […]

When the clutter is getting to you…

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  Several weeks ago I sent an email asking you what your biggest struggle was right now. While several of you shared your heartfelt stories of divorce and cancer and pain, for many of you the struggles were more in the everyday—getting organized…and staying that way, feeding your family healthy food without slaving away in […]

When you blink and they grow up right before your eyes

When you blink and they grow up right before your eyes

At one point I had four kids under five years old, so I know what it’s like to live in the trenches. Those are the days that revolve around changing diapers, preparing three meals and two snacks every day, watching your kids like a hawk 24 hours a day, and being just plain exhausted, as much from the monotony of […]

Weekend reading: April 9, 2016

First family ice cream date of 2016.

From Instagram:First family ice cream date of 2016. This weekend I’m in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains at Winsome, where I’m speaking about moving from perfectionism and fear to authenticity and freedom in our relationships with one another, ourselves, and Christ. I’m not sure if the recordings will be available publicly, but if they are and […]