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Form Versus Function…Which Do You Focus on for Your Home?

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Havertys: Sean and I joke that we don’t always balance each other out very well because we’re a lot alike: both introverts, both spenders, both sarcastic. But one area where we do balance each other out is interior design. I am type-A to my core, and […]

When It's Time to Reevaluate Your Life, Passion & Purpose

When It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Life, Passion & Purpose

For the past few years, I’ve felt pretty comfortable in my skin as a working mom, entrepreneur and homeschooler. But the last year has been…different. It’s not that I’m unhappy exactly, because my life is pretty amazing and I work really hard at choosing happiness even when things aren’t perfect. But I do feel a […]

Strawberries - eat the greens

Three More Things You Do NOT Have to Throw Away!

The following post is from Katie of Kitchen Stewardship: I’m always very proud of the small amount of trash our family produces in a week and wish we could have even less recycling, but packaging continues to come into our house, grrr… We use reusable snack and sandwich bags, washable hankies and cleaning rags (my […]