Pinecone bird feeder {101 Days of Christmas}

We made these bird feeders with our American Heritage Girl troop for the girls to hang on the tree branches around our house. There’s nothing especially Christmas-y about this project, I suppose, but I love the idea of making little gifts for our feathered friends at Christmas and throughout the winter! Supplies: pinecones wire peanut butter bird seed […]

Marzipan snowmen {101 Days of Christmas}

I have a serious obsession love for all things almond flavored, but I’ve never made marzipan at home…until this week! I originally had visions of marzipan fruit for the Christmas season, as my heritage might dictate, but then I decided to be realistic about my art skills. However, while marzipan can be rolled into a log and […]

Hot cocoa stand for charity {101 Days of Christmas}

The other day we got a letter from our sponsored child in India, and it included a little pamphlet about the World Vision Gift Catalog. The girls immediately began to read about giving ducks and goats and chickens and cows to families around the world and, without any prompting from me, started hatching a plan. They […]

Fiori di Sicilia star cookies + a King Arthur Flour giveaway {101 Days of Christmas}

These cookies are amazing! Fiori di Sicilia — or “flowers of Sicily” — is an Italian flavoring used in panettone and pandoro. With a dreamy combination of citrus, vanilla and a light floral aroma, this flavoring would make a great addition to any baked good, adding a distinctive taste that’s light and enticing rather than overpowering. For […]

Borax crystal ornaments {101 Days of Christmas}

This is such a fun craft / handmade gift / science project all rolled into one! With a little borax and water, you can cover pipe cleaner shape in sparkling crystals to make snowflakes for the windows or ornaments for the tree. The best part is that kids (and adults!) can spend their time getting creative with the […]

Chocolate-covered mini candy canes {101 Days of Christmas}

I tried to make chocolate-dipped candy canes a couple of years ago, but my chocolate was too hot and the candy canes kept breaking. I got frustrated and gave up, but this year — after realizing what had caused it! — I wanted to try again. I went with mini candy canes this time because everything is cuter […]