Hot crab dip {101 Days of Christmas}

Hot Crab Dip

Sean and I are Marylanders, and both of our dads are avid boaters and fisherman, which means we have a deep and abiding love for seafood…and especially for blue crabs and Old Bay seasoning. While my sister requests a cheese ball for every holiday or family get together, my husband requests crab dip. We’ve never served […]

Bacon & egg breakfast casserole {101 Days of Christmas}

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Casserole

I’ve shared this recipe before, but it’s worth sharing again! We’ve tried many different Christmas morning breakfast options over the years, never really finding one we loved…until this one. Now it has been a staple for the past few years (and this year we’re adding maple chip biscuits, yum!). It’s easy enough that my girls can throw it together, […]

Mexican wedding cookies {101 Days of Christmas}

Mexican Wedding Cookies

These little cookies go by many names—Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cookies, walnut snowballs, etc. The Mexican version, also called polvoróns, are made with finely chopped pecans, and the result is a soft, crumbly cookie. My grandmother always made walnut snowballs when I was little, but the girls and I decided to try this version to take as […]

Tips & tricks for perfect candy cane cookies {101 Days of Christmas}

Tips and tricks for perfect candy cane cookies

These candy cane cookies are a staple of our Christmas celebration (although, if I’m honest, I end up eating most of them myself!). Every time I share a picture of them on social media, though, people ask questions or share their stories of failed cookies. Since this is the one “impressive” thing I can do in […]