Gluten-free gingerbread {101 Days of Christmas}

Gingerbread is one of the quintessential flavors of Christmas, and King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free Baking Mix makes it easy to adapt this Christmas favorite for family or friends who can’t have the traditional cookies. With royal icing piped on top, these cookies are both cute and tasty. My family loved them as much as regular gingerbread, […]

German pfeffernüsse {101 Days of Christmas}

Pfeffernüsse, aka pepper nuts, are a traditional German cookie featuring aromatic spices and a sweet icing. Like any good cookie recipe, there are dozens and dozens of variations of the spices and ingredients used, but all bakers agree that the result is a spicy, dry cookie that is small enough to grab by the handful! As […]

Hot cocoa in a jar {101 Days of Christmas}

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this idea since I made meringue angel kisses a few weeks ago, and sure enough, these little jars turned out just like store-bought individual hot chocolate packets…except so much cuter! To start, I modified the Alton Brown hot cocoa mix from our first 101 Days of Christmas to make individual servings. […]

Cinnamon-chip snickerdoodles {101 Days of Christmas}

When my sister tried one of these cookies yesterday, she exclaimed, “Mmm! Tastes like a snickerdoodle.” Which I suppose is a good thing since they are, in fact, snickerdoodles! With a cup of King Arthur Flour’s melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon chips and a coating of cinnamon-sugar, these snickerdoodles (which I adapted from this King Arthur Flour recipe) offer […]

Madeleines {101 Days of Christmas}

Madeleines, or French tea cakes, are really more cake than cookie, although we tend to think of them as a cookie anyway. These light and fluffy sponge cakes are baked in a shell-shaped pan to give them their distinctive shape, and they can be made with a variety of flavored extracts or decorations for a […]

Homemade royal icing {101 Days of Christmas}

Royal icing is an icing that dries hard and is perfect for decorating cookies or putting together gingerbread houses. Traditionally made with egg whites, it’s easy to make your own royal icing using meringue powder to avoid the worry of raw eggs in your treats. Come back next week and I’ll show you what we decorated with our royal icing! Ingredients: […]

Dulce de leche-filled alfajores {101 Days of Christmas}

Similar to the French macaron, alfajores are a South American treat. While the specifics vary by region and country, the basic idea is a sandwich cookie with a sweet filling in the middle. This version incorporates a rich dulce de leche between two melt-in-your-mouth cornstarch cookies! These cookies are easy to make, using just a few ingredients […]

Chocolate-dipped pretzel rods {101 Days of Christmas}

I’ve made some version of chocolate-covered pretzels or pretzel treats every year for at least a decade, but I’ve never made chocolate-dipped pretzel rods until this year. These are definitely going into the rotation! In some ways, these are a lot easier than small chocolate-covered pretzels just because they’re so much bigger, which means less work. They’re also really […]