Preparing for a new baby {and counting down the days}

Preparing for a new baby

We expect baby Lucas to arrive sometime in the next one-and-a-half to three weeks, which means we’re finalizing last-minute preparations for his birth and trying to remember just how tiny a new baby is! While I’ve definitely become a baby minimalist over the years (this time around, we don’t have any baby gear except the Rock ‘n […]

Rotating seasonal wardrobes with older kids

Rotating seasonal wardrobes: the realistic guide

Ah, it’s that time of year—time to rotate seasonal clothes! Several years ago I wrote the ultimate guide to rotating seasonal wardrobes, and at that time (with 4 girls under 7), my system worked almost perfectly. As they’ve gotten older, though, we’ve run into issues that made it obvious that things needed to change: Our kids […]

The importance of teaching over-the-counter medicine safety

Tweens and over-the-counter medicine safety

Raising an adolescent is not for the faint of heart, and these days it feels like we’re confronting a new topic or issue every week—the behavior of friends and resisting peer pressure, world events that are now on their radar, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and so on. But here’s one that wasn’t yet […]

Are you attending this year’s online Mom Conference?

Register for this year's The Mom Conference for FREE

Are you going to The Mom Conference? The Mom Conference is next week, from Tuesday, October 13 through Thursday, October 15, and it’s 100% FREE to attend online! Amy McCready is one of my favorite parenting “experts” with her no-nonsense style and über-practical advice, and she’s just one of 20 amazing authors/speakers who will be participating. No mom […]