On Gender Roles, Equality and the #BoyMom Hashtag

I’m afraid I’m on another soapbox today. This time it’s about gender roles and equality. And why, as the mom of four exceptional girls, I hate certain uses of the #boymom hashtag. Here’s the thing: I firmly believe that gender differences are real, natural and good. But those differences are hard to define and have […]

On Pumping and Bottles, Formula and Shame

As I type this, I am currently attached to a hospital grade double breast pump, listening to the rhythmic sounds of the pump as my milk fills the bottles. In some ways, the journey to this place has been a whirlwind, well off the path I planned to take. But in hindsight, I can see […]

Happiness Versus Joy and Why We Choose Happy Too

When I was 18, I worked as a preschool assistant to one of the world’s most amazing teachers. One of her signature phrases was encouraging kids to find their “happy heart”, a practice I carried with me through years of babysitting, nannying and — now — motherhood. In fact, the mythology of the happy heart […]

What Drowning Really Looks Like

It’s been two years since I shared this story the first time, and I can still clearly see it happening in my mind. As we head into another summer, I can’t help but share it once again: Earlier this summer I read a post about what drowning really looks like. This weekend, I saw it […]

The Secret to a Happier Family

What if I told you I’d discovered a secret that completely changed our family culture and the atmosphere of our home? It’s silly, really, and incredibly obvious, but since we’d been overlooking it for so long, I’m going to share it anyway: The power of a smile. Now, I wrote a sponsored post a couple […]