On Gender Roles, Equality and the #BoyMom Hashtag

I’m afraid I’m on another soapbox today. This time it’s about gender roles and equality. And why, as the mom of four exceptional girls, I hate certain uses of the #boymom hashtag. Here’s the thing: I firmly believe that gender differences are real, natural and good. But those differences are hard to define and have […]

On Documenting Our Life in Pictures

Have you noticed that certain topics gain popularity, popping up again and again on various blogs? The current topic du jour — at least in my corner of the blogosphere — seems to be our culture’s obsession with social media and especially with picture taking. The posts I’ve seen suggest that our relationships are shallow, […]

Happiness Versus Joy and Why We Choose Happy Too

When I was 18, I worked as a preschool assistant to one of the world’s most amazing teachers. One of her signature phrases was encouraging kids to find their “happy heart”, a practice I carried with me through years of babysitting, nannying and — now — motherhood. In fact, the mythology of the happy heart […]