On racism, injustice and having the hard conversations

source: Mary Engelbreit This post is so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even funny. I don’t usually blog about current events at all, opting to let other, better writers address them and then sharing the posts that resonate with me instead. And I’m so afraid I will say the wrong thing or somehow contribute […]

What a red dye sensitivity means for our family

It happens every few months. As our oldest daughter rages and screams, one of our other girls will lean over and quietly say, “She had red food dye.” Without fail, we discover that the rages are linked to that insidious dye…and yet, if I’m honest, it continues to catch me off guard. We first made […]

On Gender Roles, Equality and the #BoyMom Hashtag

I’m afraid I’m on another soapbox today. This time it’s about gender roles and equality. And why, as the mom of four exceptional girls, I hate certain uses of the #boymom hashtag. Here’s the thing: I firmly believe that gender differences are real, natural and good. But those differences are hard to define and have […]

On Documenting Our Life in Pictures

Have you noticed that certain topics gain popularity, popping up again and again on various blogs? The current topic du jour — at least in my corner of the blogosphere — seems to be our culture’s obsession with social media and especially with picture taking. The posts I’ve seen suggest that our relationships are shallow, […]

Happiness Versus Joy and Why We Choose Happy Too

When I was 18, I worked as a preschool assistant to one of the world’s most amazing teachers. One of her signature phrases was encouraging kids to find their “happy heart”, a practice I carried with me through years of babysitting, nannying and — now — motherhood. In fact, the mythology of the happy heart […]