Giveaway: Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Snacks {4 Winners!}

This giveaway is now closed! The winners are Helen (salessun42@…), Sue (corsu123@…), Maxine (Oksupersavers@…) and Kate (lkat80@…)! I first discovered Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers when our youngest daughter was on a gluten-free diet for about six months. While I was happy to leave behind most of the gluten-free stuff we tried, these crackers became instant favorites, […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Walnut Crisp: Easy Summer Desserts

The following post is from Shaina of Food for My Family and Olmanson Photography: Tart rhubarb and perfect summer strawberries come together under a crunchy walnut-dotted crisp topping in this easy summer dessert recipe. We arrived home around noon, tired from a morning of squatting in the field and running back and forth from the […]

Dairy Free Apple-Cinnamon Oat Cakes

I first discovered Scottish oat cakes on the Plan to Eat blog, and they’ve been a staple for breakfast in our home ever since. (As a side note, I have read that some regions make this type of oat cake while others make a more savory version without sugar or milk that is more of […]

30 Lessons from My Whole 30

Last Friday I finished my Whole30. Because I gave up halfway through due to morning sickness and food aversions the first time through, I was excited to make it all the way through this time and to meet my goals for forming good habits and getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Next week I’ll share […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Pops

The following post is from Shaina of Food for My Family and Olmanson Photography: A recipe for cool, creamy strawberry cheesecake yogurt popsicles complete with a crunchy crust. I always question whether it’s the crouching underneath a bright, hot sun or the reward at the end — biting into red, juicy berries — that I […]

How Giving Up “Real Food” Made Our Family Healthier

I have a confession. At the beginning of this year, I decided I was done with “real food.” Just done. Done reading labels. Done feeling like I needed to make everything from scratch. Done worrying over every little thing that passed through our kitchen or ended up in our stomachs. I was tired of the […]

Easy Homemade Fruit & “Cream” Oatmeal

The instant packets of Quaker fruit & cream oatmeal have always been one of my very favorite “boxed” treats (strawberries & cream and peaches & cream, to be exact). The only problem? They’re loaded with sugar, and one packet is never enough, so they hardly count as a healthy breakfast!