How I Organize My Tea Collection

I’ve been sharing my love of tea this year — both for the caffeine as a busy, nursing mom and for the pleasure of snuggling up with a warm cuppa in a variety of flavors — and several of you have asked how I organize my teas, so I thought I’d give you a peek […]

Teaching Kids to Organize Their Time

The following guest post is from Kristin Sterk of Organizing Life with Less: Every night, do you battle the question with your kids: “Have you finished this?” knowing full well, they have not accomplished everything they have to before bedtime? Helping kids organize their time and teaching time management skills at a young age can […]

Organizing: Take a Hike

The following guest post is from Mystie Winckler of Simply Convivial: Did you make a resolution to get more organized this school year? Do you feel like a failure already? I’ve cycled from organizing binges to circumstance-induced chaos, back to organizing purges and on again to self-discipline failures so many times myself that I’d really […]

Exclusive Invite.L Offer: Slim Bag-in-Bag ($22) or Smart Phone Pocket Pouch ($36)

This sale has now ended! Over the years, I’ve used a variety of planners, but my favorites — without fail — are those from Invite.l. I used the Daily Planner faithfully for several years and my most recent favorite was the Magazine Editorial Notebook, but when the good people at Invite.l heard that I’ve been […]