101 Days of Christmas: DIY Cookie Tin Divider

DIY Cookie Tin Divider

I may have gone a bit overboard with trying chex mix varieties this year, making original, apple pie, caramel corn and cranberry-orange!

But the reason I created so many different varieties (ahem, besides the fact that eating them makes my heart and my stomach happy!) is because I had a vision for this fun DIY cookie tin divider.

Filling an entire tin with one treat can be a little boring, but it’s simple to add a quick cookie tin divider so that you can give someone a variety of treats instead.


  • cookie tin, any size
  • thick cardstock (white or colored)
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • ruler


Measure the interior diameter and height of your cookie tin. Cut two strips of paper to fit across the cookie tin, about 1/8″ shorter than the interior height.

Next, measure to find the middle of the long side of the strips and cut a slit in each to exactly halfway through the height.

Rotate one of the strips and fit the slits together to form a flexible x with the strips. Insert in your cookie tin and begin filling each compartment with a treat.

NOTE: If you want to make your divider a little more stable, flatten the x and add a strip of tape where the two pieces meet in the middle. Open it up and flip to the next side of the x and repeat. Adding tape to all 4 corners and then creasing them along the folds will add a bit of stability. But this step is not necessary at all!

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