Weekend reading: September 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday...to when we were young

How about a little throwback to when Sean and I were dating?! Such babies at 17 and 18 years old! Y’all, we are preparing for our newest little guy to be here in just 4-6 weeks, and I bounce between feeling like that’s still forever and feeling like it’s coming way too fast! The other day I laid […]

Let’s talk about planners and to-do lists

Planner Pad

Like most of my fellow type-A’ers, I have a thing for office supplies, calendars, and planners. There’s nothing quite like turning to a fresh page in your planner or looking back at a page of completed tasks. My problem is that I tend to get “planner blindness” after a certain amount of time, which means that every planner […]

When your dishwasher bites the dust…

Attempting to stay on top of the dishes without a dishwasher

I am part of the Kenmore Home Team, and the following is a sponsored post, but—sadly!—our dishwasher really did bite the dust as I was preparing for this post! On an average day, we use between 25-40 plates and bowls, more than 35 utensils, 7-10 cups and water bottles, and dozens of other pots, pans […]

Handprint calendars, biscotti + more {101 Days of Christmas}


A friend of mine posts a daily Christmas countdown starting in mid-September (clearly we were destined to be friends!), and according to today’s post, there are 95 days until Christmas—I love it! Here are this week’s “best of” posts: {7} Handprint, Footprint & Fingerprint Calendars The handprint calendar was one of my favorite annual gifts for the […]

Weekend reading: September 19, 2015


From Instagram: Who taught my baby to throw a “fut-ball” like a big boy?! After the excitement of bundle week, my husband being out of town, and our trip to labor and delivery last week, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend (with a little nesting thrown in because I just can’t resist!). I know […]

A 33-week pregnancy update

33-week pregnancy update

Since we were up late last night with our second trip to labor and delivery this month, I figured a pregnancy update was long overdue. First, the important stuff: Lucas and I are both healthy. But I gotta tell you, this pregnancy is nothing like my others, and I am not looking forward to discovering […]