Weekend reading: July 9, 2016

Eating a nectarine

From Instagram:He may get his love of vacuums from Daddy, but he gets his love of nectarines from his Mama! It’s been a heavy week, y’all. And if I’m honest, I’d like to hide from it all, share a cute baby picture (okay, still couldn’t resist that part!), a few tasty recipes, an encouraging post […]

How Leadership Education is changing our homeschool

How Leadership Education is changing our homeschool

In addition to reprioritizing, one of my top personal goals while we were in Florida in May was to complete the Focus & Align Masterclass. I was reminded through that process that while academics are definitely one of my top goals, book work isn’t. As I went through the class, I thought these seven guiding rules would […]

Weekend reading: July 2, 2016

Sweet brothers.

{From Instagram} I’ve started calling these boys the “bonus babies.” We thought we were done having babies after our 4th daughter, and we were D-O-N-E after Jackson, but I’m so glad we didn’t have the final say at that point because their relationship and sweetness outweighs the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and numerous trips to UVA […]

10 books to inspire you to take back your life


The last week of April was a bit of a hot mess here. Sean was out of town for a couple days taking care of his grandfather, we were in the middle of our biggest bundle launch to date at Ultimate Bundles, Lucas and Jackson both had colds, and we were preparing for a month […]