Weekend reading: April 25, 2015

Road trippin'

We’re heading to the Outer Banks today for my sister-in-law’s wedding, a few days with Shaina and her girls, and our annual beach vacation, but we came down to NC a few days early to spend my birthday with my parents. It’s been a fun few days, including a Cheesecake Factory lunch date with my […]

It’s all sacred…even scrubbing the toilet

It's all sacred...even scrubbing the toilets

Last week I started a post about reducing the mundane parts of homemaking to make room for the sacred things in our life. I focused on the ways that clutter, excess, and waste become obstacles to living an intentional life, a theme you may have heard me talk about before. (And, don’t worry, I’ll have some ideas […]

Weekend reading: April 18, 2015

Our little bean at 10.5 weeks

From Instagram: Our little bean at 10.5 weeks. I’ve missed doing these weekend reading posts, but man has the break been good! You may have seen this on Facebook or Instagram already, but we had quite the emotional and nervewracking ride this past week. After two weeks of intense and debilitating morning sickness and exhaustion, last Saturday I […]