The real truth about getting married young…or old…or any time


Every few months someone will write a news article, blog post or opinion column about the joys or dangers of getting married young, with each side staunchly defending their belief that it’s either really, really good or really, really bad. Because my parents faced so much criticism for “letting” me get married at 20 years old, I’m always tempted to jump […]

7 times to listen to audiobooks

7 times to listen to audiobooks

Although my girls have been listening to audiobooks since they were tiny, it’s only been this year that I’ve discovered the beauty of audiobooks for myself. But once I got started, I was hooked. When I’d tried listening to audiobooks in the past, I always felt like my mind was wandering too much and I was missing large […]

Weekend reading: March 21, 2015

Under the big blue sky

From Instagram: Playing under the big blue sky. {A walk a day keeps the post-nap temper tantrum away!} This week we experienced our first 70 degree day of the year…and (hopefully) our final snow of the season. On the first day of spring. I love snow, but enough is enough; I’m ready to be warm! The girls and Sean […]