Where intentional living and self-care intersect {and 8 books I love}

Books about intentional living and self-care

Some women struggle with believing that they should take care of themselves and some struggle with overscheduling and finding the time to make it happen (I tend to fall into the second group). What I’m realizing this year, though, is that intentional living and self-care go hand-in-hand. At it’s core, living intentionally means living in a way […]

Finding inspiration for your doodles {plus 2 printable doodle pages!}


Although I’m still learning the basics of doodling, one thing I’ve started to do in the last couple of weeks is be more intentional about collecting patterns and borders to use as inspiration and to develop my own style (rather than just copying others). As I was working on these pages in my sketchbook, I […]

Weekend reading: February 21, 2015

Playing in the Snow

A double batch of pasta sauce on the stove, kids playing in the snow, and The Hobbit on Audible…it’s a good day! It’s been one of those weeks where nothing goes quite right, brought on mostly by our sweet little man’s horrible sleep habits. Being exhausted means I haven’t been as productive, motivated or kind as I’d […]