Weekend reading: September 19, 2015


From Instagram: Who taught my baby to throw a “fut-ball” like a big boy?! After the excitement of bundle week, my husband being out of town, and our trip to labor and delivery last week, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend (with a little nesting thrown in because I just can’t resist!). I know […]

A 33-week pregnancy update

33-week pregnancy update

Since we were up late last night with our second trip to labor and delivery this month, I figured a pregnancy update was long overdue. First, the important stuff: Lucas and I are both healthy. But I gotta tell you, this pregnancy is nothing like my others, and I am not looking forward to discovering […]

The best of 101 Days of Christmas: FREE 2015 Christmas planner + more

101 Days of Christmas 2015

For the past four years we have spent each September through December completely focused on Christmas. If you’ve been hanging out around here for any time at all, you know that I absolutely love Christmas—the sparkly lights, the traditions, the gift giving, the charity…all of it! This year, however, I have an almost-full-time job outside of blogging, […]

What is it really worth?

Taking control of your health? Strengthening your body? Feeling confident in natural remedies? Serving real food without slaving away all day? What are those things worth to you? While I’m not someone who spurns all modern medicine or never serves food out of a box or a package, I am someone who wants to find […]

The hardest part of my homeschool year

The hardest part of my homeschool year...homeschooling while working full time at home

Today I’m joining up with Jamie at Simple Homeschool to talk about the toughest part of my homeschool year. There are really so many options that I may have to do my own mini series over the next couple of weeks… …homeschooling multiple children with a toddler underfoot (and a baby on the way). …homeschooling as […]