The gift of perspective

The gift of perspective

It’s funny, really, because when we decided to add “one more baby” to our family (to recap, that was two babies ago), I knew I wanted to soak up every moment. I planned for several months of maternity leave, and in a lot of ways I approached Jackson’s birth as a do-over for all of my […]

Travel the safe & green way with


With four girls who are quickly approaching the age of driving, I think about safety and what it will feel like to send them out on the road often. (And truthfully, this is one of the biggest catalysts of our upcoming move, because we just can’t imagine our girls driving the mountain roads regularly as […]

Can you ever get just *one* tattoo?

On tattoos and motherhood

“I only want one tattoo. No more.” Those were my famous last words, as they say, and sure enough, two years after my first tattoos, I ended up back at a tattoo shop on Sunday. Before I got my wrist tattoos, I’d always wanted a tattoo to represent each of my children, so you could […]

The stories that aren’t mine to share

The stories that aren't mine to share

You may have noticed (although I understand if you haven’t!) that it’s been quiet around these parts recently. Life has been busy in a way that I’m not quite sure I understood before now. I’ve actually been on the road more than I’ve been home (22 days out of the last 6 weeks), and we’ve spent more […]

When you find yourself in the middle

When you find yourself in the middle

The last couple of weeks have ended up busier than expected, so I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from the archives. With the election heating up, this seems like an especially appropriate post this week! On most divisive issues—politics, health, parenting, food, vaccines—I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. For a long time, […]