On making plans, embracing surprises and having SIX kids


So…never in a million years did I dream we’d be making this announcement. We felt done (D-O-N-E) after Jackson’s birth, and while I still oohed and ahhed over other people’s newborn babies, I was pretty much okay with no more of my own. However, after some weird symptoms and a late period, I picked up […]

Today is your day to start over


Last year, as the busyness of saying yes to too much began to overwhelm me and affect my sleep, my patience, my health, and my relationships, I drew a line in the sand: when a certain project was over and Christmas was behind us and we turned the page to 2015, things would be different. And […]

Why I love Liane Moriarty’s novels


I am not a particularly author-loyal reader. While there are one or two authors whose books I love and read as soon as they come out, I wouldn’t necessarily rush out to pick up a non-Harry Potter book by J.K. Rowling, and I will often read a single novel or series by an author without feeling […]

Savor the moments and fill your soul


It’s 8pm the night before the clocks spring forward and I’m in bed, especially desperate to fall asleep knowing that I’ll lose an hour of sleep tonight even if the baby has a good night. It’s been a full day that started during my “quiet” early morning hours when our youngest daughter started throwing up […]

Weekend reading: March 7, 2015


Today is our second daughter’s 9th birthday. Where has the time gone? She’s our nurturer, the one who cares for the people and animals around her. She is our sensitive soul, the one who comes to me crying because she had to make a hard decision about who to play with. She’s the most like […]

What do kids really need to learn?


Maybe it’s because it’s February. Maybe it’s my focus on being intentional and reevaluating everything right now. Whatever it is, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my kids really need to learn in school—especially during their early elementary school years—fueled in part by articles like this one, videos like this one, and posts […]