Working together as a family to keep the house clean {plus a FREE cleaning kit to get you started}

Kids & Chores {and a FREE Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit from ePantry!}

Last summer I knew something had to change. Although we’d given our kids plenty of chores as toddlers and preschoolers, we hadn’t really scaled those chores as they’d gotten older, and Sean and I were basically doing everything ourselves. We spent the summer teaching the girls various skills and assigning “jobs” until we were all […]

Reviewing 2015 and focusing on my successes


Looking back at 2015, one of the biggest lessons I learned was to embrace the seasons—the seasons of my life as well as the literal seasons of the year. It took me three years of tracking my reading goals to see that my years follow a very specific pattern that includes lots of goal setting, personal […]

Weekend reading: January 9, 2016

Getting so big!

From Instagram: I die! This little guy turned two months old this week {how?!}, and he’s going through a crazy growth spurt that has us looking at each other every single day: “Is he bigger than yesterday? He seems bigger!” I pulled out the 3-6 month clothes reluctantly, and he’s more than filling them out already. It […]