Fun Birthday Traditions & A Printable Birthday Chain

I love birthdays — actually, forget birthdays; here we celebrate birthweeks or birthmonths! — but the one challenge we face in creating fun yearly traditions is that three of our daughters have birthdays within three weeks of each other. That’s a lot of celebrating! We’re slowly creating yearly traditions that are doable on that timetable, […]

Plan Your Next Birthday Party with This Free Printable

After my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday party, I knew we needed a Birthday Party Planner in the printables collection here at Life Your Way. Then Abra emailed me requesting one as well, and she was gracious enough to offer her feedback as I put this together. Next time you’re in party planning mode, be sure […]

Gift Guide: Gifts for Six-Year-Old Girls

I’ve always said that two years old was my favorite age — I love how they blossom at that age, discovering new things every day, how quickly their emotions bounce from one extreme to another and how they walk the fine line between baby and kid. But while I’ve been sad that our oldest daughter […]

Question of the Day: How Do You Celebrate Birthdays?

We try to make a big deal out of birthdays in our home, but I find that if I don’t start planning early enough, they get pushed to the side by the busyness of life. For that same reason, I’m really not great at remembering and celebrating the birthdays of our extended family and friends. […]