101 Days of Christmas: Wrapping Paper Bows

Who needs store-bought bows with so many handmade bows to choose from? I first heard of making wrapping paper bows when Amanda from OhAmanda.com posted her gift wrap bows tutorial a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I got around to trying them for myself. I’m not sure why I waited […]

101 Days of Christmas: “Fancy” Cookie Tins

I’m a fan of simple packaging ideas that make a big difference, so today I thought I’d share my two favorite ways for taking a plain ol’ cookie tin and dressing it up a bit — without spray paint, glue or anything else sticky. My dad’s wife taught me the first trick a couple years […]

101 Days of Christmas: Printable Treat Bag Tags

I love to package various homemade treats in cellophane treat bags. They’re much less expensive than cookie tins, looks festive, easy to prepare and transport large batches, etc. My packaging usually includes a pretty ribbon tied around the bag and curled — often with a hanging gift tag added — but this year I wanted […]

101 Days of Christmas: Burlap & Button Bows

These burlap & button bows could not be simpler to make, but they are so, so darling! Really, you could use this method to make bows out of virtually any material, but as you’ll soon discover, I’m a bit obsessed with burlap this year. Honestly, I’ve always loved burlap, but I was kind of intimidated […]

101 Days of Christmas: Fancy Paper Cookie Plates

My mom has this pretty ceramic plate that she threads with various ribbons for special occasions. It’s a beautiful way to serve cookies and cakes, but it’s obviously cost-prohibitive to be handing those out as gifts left and right. Even though cookie tins are significantly less expensive, the cost of those can add up as […]

101 Days of Christmas: DIY Cookie Tin Divider

I may have gone a bit overboard with trying chex mix varieties this year, making original, apple pie, caramel corn and cranberry-orange! But the reason I created so many different varieties (ahem, besides the fact that eating them makes my heart and my stomach happy!) is because I had a vision for this fun DIY […]

101 Days of Christmas: Screen Printed Gift Bags

This isn’t actual screen printing, of course, but using the Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit that Silhouette sent me, my husband created a stencil with Merry Christmas in block letters for me to use to add some custom touches to these burlap gift bags I’d picked up a few months ago. The process is easy, […]

101 Days of Christmas: Treat Cones

Gift cones are a fun way to share treats with friends or neighbors! These are perfect for handing out snacks at a Christmas party or hanging Secret Santa treats on your neighbor’s front door. And the best part is they’re easy to make and easy to customize with the variety of scrapbook paper and ribbon […]

101 Days of Christmas: Easy Magazine Bows

Christmas is in two days…how ya feelin’? In case you’ve discovered that your stash of bows has run out, here’s a quick and easy bow tutorial to help you add a little special touch to your gifts. This trick ranks right up there with the covered jar lids in my book…so much fun! What makes […]

101 Days of Christmas: Fabric Gift Bags

I think I should make a special badge or button for projects like this. It would simply say, “If I can make this, anyone can!” Sewing a fabric bag may seem overwhelming if you don’t do a lot of sewing, but it’s actually really easy. Easy enough that I did it! I love how this […]