How to Increase Home Office Storage

The following post is from Lisa of Working Naked: When you start a business from home, you may think that you have plenty of storage space in your home office. As you grow your business, don’t be surprised if your storage space shrinks quickly.After all, no matter how much storage space you have, you probably […]

4 Ways to Develop a Home Office Routine

The following post is from Lisa of Working Naked: It took me a few years of working from home to figure out that I needed to follow some type of schedule. My schedule is flexible, but for the most part I work out early, take a shower, get dressed and make the 5-second commute to […]

4 Home Office Traps to Avoid

The following post is from Lisa of Working Naked: Some people who don’t work from home think that those of us who do, sit in front of the television, surf the web or lay around the house all day. Those of us who work from home know that the opposite is true. Between the lack […]

MindMaple Mind Mapping Software

I’ve always been a fan of mind maps, which help you organize thoughts, break down topics and goals into smaller chunks and think through ideas more completely. In fact, we even have a nifty mind map printable available, and I’ve also used and shared my thoughts about the Popplet app for iOS devices. I wasn’t […]

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo Label Printer for Small Business

Most professional organizers (or chronically type-A personalities, like myself) agree that a labeler is among their favorite organizing tools. Clearly labeling what goes where — from the playroom to the kitchen to paper files — is an important part of being able to find what you need when you need it. For those of us […]

15 Ways Technology Can Clear Your Clutter

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: Technology, whether you like it or not, is here to stay. Unfortunately, technology can be tough. It takes time and effort to understand. It can get expensive. We can spend as much time investing into technology as we actually save from using it. And the endless pursuit […]

Organize Your Office with the DYMO LabelManager 260P

Everybody knows that an organizer’s best friend is her labeler, but these handy little gadgets aren’t just useful at home. Use a labeler to organize your office so that everyone can be more productive and organized: 1. Label the folders you keep in your desktop organizer for quick access. Depending on your work, you might […]

10 Home Office Organizing Tips from Peter Walsh

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of reviewing Office Max’s new [IN]PLACE System by Peter Walsh (yes, the Peter Walsh, as seen on Clean Sweep and Oprah) and attending an exclusive webcast where Peter answered our questions and shared tips for getting organized. Here are the top 10 tips I took away […]

Organizing Your Home Office: A Step-by-Step Plan

If your office is unorganized, cluttered or out-of-control, the idea of reorganizing it may be overwhelming.  Where should you start? What should you do with all of the clutter? How will you keep it organized this time? Let’s look at organizing our home offices step-by-step: 1. Clear off your desk and empty drawers. The reason […]

Organize Your Home Office: Managing All of the Paper

There is no doubt that the number one source of clutter for most home offices comes from paper. Papers that need action. Papers that need to be filed. Papers that need to be sent. Papers that need to be shredded. Although we’ll save file systems for another week – because I have more to share […]