On finding your homeschool groove

Our homeschool year is off to a fantastic start, and it’s enough to stop me in my tracks several times a day with thankfulness and joy. I’m not telling you this to gloat; I’m telling you because it wasn’t that long ago that we seriously considered other options and almost threw in the towel altogether. Sean […]

My stress-free homeschool planning method

As the new school year kicks off, there’s been a lot of talk about homeschool planning in my circles, both online and locally, and I realized I’ve never really shared my stress-free planning method. You see, I used to sit down once a week and lesson plan: deciding which lessons would be taught which days, how […]

What I really want my kids to learn this year

Okay, girls, it’s almost here. The new school year. And it’s going to be a busy one. All four of you will be in school this year (and Jackson will be into everything!). We’ll be learning about American History — about the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War, the Underground Railroad and Civil Rights, each […]

My Top 10 Tips for New Homeschoolers

Daily checklists. This will be our 6th “official” year homeschooling, and the longer we homeschool, the more questions I get from other current and prospective homeschoolers. (Some of which I’m confident answering and some of which just make me laugh that they’d ask me for advice or an opinion.) Today  I thought I’d share my […]

You Can Do It Too! {Encouragement and Resources for Homeschoolers}

A couple years ago, Lorilee Lippincott brought together 25 homeschooling families to share their homeschooling stories and tips in a little ebook, You Can Do It Too! Although some of the details may have changed for our individual families, this ebook still represents a wealth of information and encouragement for homeschoolers. But the best part […]

What Is a Classical Christian Education?

This post was first published in June of last year, but we’re heading to the annual CC practicum this week and it seemed like a good time to share it again! I wasn’t really intending to write a weekly homeschooling post when I started writing about our plans for the coming year, but every year […]

Plan the Upcoming Homeschool Year with These FREE Printables!

Although we school year-round, this is the time of year when I get excited about all things homeschool. We’ve solidified our plans for next year, passed our standardized tests, and we’re looking forward to next week’s Classical Conversations’ practicum and academic camps. I’ll be sharing some more of my thoughts about homeschooling in the upcoming […]