Simple Summer Maternity Style

Let’s be clear: a fashionista, I am not. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my mom and sister (both of whom are very fashionable), and I’m perfectly okay with just having a few outfits that I really love and feel good in. And truthfully, most days at home during the summer find me in […]

Baby Gear: What Do You REALLY Need?

There are entire stores dedicated to baby gear, which makes these tiny creatures seem like complicated and expensive members of the family! The truth, though, is that babies need just a fraction of what is available. That’s not to say that things like Boppy pillows and baby swings aren’t nice additions, because they are! We […]

Quick Tip: Pack a Nursing Basket

As a side note, I call this my nursing basket, but this post is not meant to exclude bottle-feeding families. I don’t really know whether having a basket like this would be helpful for moms who formula feed because I don’t think it takes nearly as long or requires as many supplies as nursing does […]

Nesting: Preparing for a New Baby, Part 2

Lately, I’ve been nesting in my head (if there is such a thing!), trying to think through what life with four little girls under five years old is going to be like, remembering how having a newborn changes things and trying to come up with a plan to simplify and streamline our routines so that […]

Nesting: Preparing for A New Baby, Part 1

Sometimes I think I live in a permanent state of nesting, always looking for ways to make our run more simply, be more organized and have less clutter. But then the real nesting kicks in, and I start noticing things in a kind of 4D vision that makes me want to clean and organize frantically […]