Recording, Sharing & Saving Memories

After we returned from Disney World a couple weeks ago, I was left with the job of sorting through the 22,432 pictures my step-dad and I took (maybe a slight exaggeration, but I can’t be sure!), the dozens of videos from my handheld camcorder, and the various pictures we took with our phones to share […]

3 Reasons To Take Photos

The following post is from Ruth of Creative Memories: It’s happened to many of us who use Facebook or another social networking site:  Your child does something cute, you’re vacationing somewhere beautiful or doing something extraordinary — your first instinct is to show your friends. And thanks to mobile uploads or a USB cord, you can! This […]

Why Do You Take Photos?

The following post is from Cathi Nelson of Personal Photo Organizer: Today I drove home from my job as a photo organizer with a smile on my face, a surprising emotion since this particular client often leaves me feeling sad and heavy. I have been working with Beth for 6 months now; after she contacted […]

Understanding Your Mother Better Through Story

I slipped sideways through the maze of chattering women to find Lacey after the ladies’ meeting and tapped her on the shoulder, “Lacey, it’s good to see you this week. I heard the whole family was sick last week.” “Yes,” Lacey said, “it’s good to have everyone well again. Hey, I wanted to say thank […]

Remembering the Little Moments with AboutOne

Each of my girls has had a few words that they say funny, things like “guesteses” for guests, “pan-a-cakes” for pancakes, “peep” for, well, pee. The baby just learned that a doggy says ruff-ruff, except she makes this cute little sound from her throat with her lips sealed tight instead of actually saying ruff-ruff. I […]

Capturing Holiday Memories in Photos

Have you stopped to think about how amazing photography really is? With the click of a button, we can preserve memories, emotions and moments forever in time. I love looking at old pictures and trying to figure out the stories behind them (like my friend Amanda’s retro Wordless Wednesday series!), and I hope that one […]

Preserve Memories with Photo Books (+ Giveaway!)

This giveaway is now closed, and our winner is Leigh (lmilla). She said: “I take TONS of pics… in fact, I just lost 6 years of digital pics when my external hard drive crashed. (I’m still heartbroken about it!). I definitely do not print out enough pics…” Congratulations, Leigh! I’ve mentioned before that I’m horrible […]

Journaling with a Twist: A Family Journal

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action: Would you like a simple and fun way to capture your children’s perspective, personality and opinions at various phases of their childhood? Capturing Memories: No Scissors Required Some mom’s are great at scrapbooking or journaling and do this with ease. Others, like me, well…not so […]

Organizing the Memories of Your Childhood

The following guest post is from Janna at Mommy’s Piggy Tales: One thing that often gets neglected as we run through our days is story telling and story keeping. In the long run, we would all agree that preserving our story for the ones we love is more valuable than many of our urgent tasks, […]

Capturing Family Memories in Photos

I’ve always said that I would sacrifice a lot of things to replace my camera if something happened to it because taking lots and lots (and lots!) of pictures of my kids is that important to me. The good news is these days you can get a decent digital camera for as low as $50 […]