Creative (and Inexpensive) Storage Solutions

The following guest post is from Anne Simpson of Authentic Simplicity: Earlier this year, my husband and I moved into an apartment that was almost twice the size of our previous apartment. While we loved the spacious rooms in our new dwelling, we were more than a little stumped by the lack of storage. The […]

Organizing: Take a Hike

The following guest post is from Mystie Winckler of Simply Convivial: Did you make a resolution to get more organized this school year? Do you feel like a failure already? I’ve cycled from organizing binges to circumstance-induced chaos, back to organizing purges and on again to self-discipline failures so many times myself that I’d really […]

The Philosophy Behind Organizing Your Way

This blog originally launched as Organizing Your Way in December of 2008. Although we’ve expanded the number of topics we cover, my philosophy has stayed the same, and I think it applies to more than just organizing your home. To put it lightly, I am a type-A, structured, organized person by nature. I believe that […]

6 Ways to Keep Your House Organized {Organizing A Little Every Day}

The following post is from Becky of Organizing Made Fun: I’m often asked how I can keep my house looking so clean all the time. It’s no secret that I enjoy organizing, but I also really don’t like cleaning for days on end. My habit of choice is to do a little bit everyday. Organizing […]

Organization: Removing Rocks or Just Moving Them Around?

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: A number of years ago, I was speaking to a roomful of teenagers on priorities. I shared this story (which originated with Stephen Covey): A university professor was addressing his new group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students […]

Organizing as a Lifestyle Rather Than an Event

When I made the decision in December (2008) to finally launch Organizing Your Way, which had been a dream of mine for many, many months, I had no idea that I would be facing extreme nausea and exhaustion in January and February. As it turns out, we found out we were expecting a baby just […]

Organization is a Journey, Not a Destination

The following is a guest post from Michelle from The Parent Vortex: I’ve been blogging in this space — first Organizing Your Way and then Life Your Way — for over three years now, and there are some great posts in the archives that don’t get much attention anymore. This week, I’ll be sharing some […]

A Simple Path to Little Victories

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: Every May, Burlington, Vermont (where I live) holds the Keybank Vermont City Marathon. I look up to marathon runners because I admire their self-discipline. Yet, when I talk to runners about their accomplishment and the daunting task that it must have been to run 26.2 miles, […]

Resolving Organizational Conflict When Standards Differ

As I’m putting the finishing touches on my ebook, How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too — all about being a mother and pursuing your own passions — I’m reposting some of my favorite posts from the archives! If you want to be notified when the ebook is ready, just submit your email […]

10 Things To Do Every Day to Stay Organized

The following post is from Laura of I’m an Organizing Junkie: The number one question I get from my readers is “help, I’m so overwhelmed with my home, where do I start?” Maybe you can relate? Sometimes it isn’t so much about starting with this pile here or that pile over there but more a […]