Finding inspiration for your doodles {plus 2 printable doodle pages!}


Although I’m still learning the basics of doodling, one thing I’ve started to do in the last couple of weeks is be more intentional about collecting patterns and borders to use as inspiration and to develop my own style (rather than just copying others). As I was working on these pages in my sketchbook, I […]

Ornament journal {101 Days of Christmas}

Ornament Journal for Kids

Although we have a simple ornament journal as part of our Christmas planner, I really wanted to create an ornament journal for my kids to record memories and notes about their individual collections of ornaments. Our girls get a new ornament every Christmas (plus any they make during the season), and each year we pack […]

“Thanks a latte” gift card envelope {101 Days of Christmas}

Thanks a Latte Gift Card Envelope

I think Starbucks gift cards make the perfect gift for a coffee lover (assuming they’re a Starbucks fan!), but these gift card envelopes are perfect no matter which one is your favorite coffee shop. Just print and cut along the outside line of each template. Use a hobby knife to cut along the short line on […]