Get Organized for Summer and Save Your Sanity

Last week I talked about getting organized for an intentional summer at Simple Mom; this week, I’m sharing a few more sanity savers to help you make the most of your summer. If you’re still looking for more summer fun inspiration, be sure to check out this list of 101 Ways to Embrace Summer, with […]

Getting Organized for an Intentional Summer

Today I’m posting over at Simple Mom about getting organized for an intentional summer: Last year at this time, I was gearing up for a low-key, relaxed summer with my family, and my summer post on Simple Mom was all about making summer memories at home. This year, however, our summer is busier — with […]

Question of the Day: Have You Made Summer Plans?

This may be one of our busiest summers yet, but so far it feels like the kind of busy that we actually enjoy — seeing friends and family, going places together, enjoying all that life has to offer. I’m trying to be mindful of where busy crosses the line into too busy, but I also […]

101 Ways to Embrace Summer

Summertime is here! Many kids are already out of school while others are counting down the last days, and the blogosphere and Pinterest (my newest addiction!) are buzzing with summer activities, foods and ideas for embracing summer. I’ve compiled a list of 101 of my favorite ideas here to inspire you to make this summer […]

Creating a Summer Schedule That Works

The final post in my summer planning series is up at Cozi’s Live Simply. With the end of the school year approaching very quickly, we’re talking about creating a summer schedule that works: During the school year, it’s easy to find a weekly rhythm revolving around school hours and after-school activities. Summertime, on the other […]

Summer Planning Checklist: 8 Things To Do Before School's Out

The second installment of my series for on summer planning includes a checklist of 8 things to do before school’s out: Summer break is fast approaching and that means time to get ready for a big change to your daily routine. Even though summertime is fun, there are challenges for families who have to […]

Summer Camp Planner: Questions to Ask + Online Resources

I’m working with on a new series on summer planning (yep, it’s April already…summer isn’t that far away!). The first post in the series is about finding a summer camp: Summer camp is the highlight of the summer for many kids, with a chance to just play, learn new things, meet new friends and […]

Quick Tip: Storing Summer Gear Together for Easy Access

Although summer is an easier season than winter in many ways, I find that we still have a lot of gear – sunscreen, hats, water bottles, bathing suits, towels, bubbles, chalk and so on. Rather than keeping these items in their “proper” places – i.e., bathing suits with the clothes, towels in the linen closet, […]

Making Summer Memories at Home

My monthly column is up at Simple Mom, and I’m sharing three ideas for making the most of a low-key summer at home: For many people, summertime is a busy season of lessons, camps, activities and outings. If that works for your family, great! But if it leaves you stressed and frazzled, there’s nothing wrong […]