Simplifying for Fall: Toys and School Supplies {Day 3}

Today’s Day 3 of the Simplify for Fall Challenge, and we’re tackling toys and school supplies! Today is a fairly light day for me, so I’ll mostly be playing catch up on the things I didn’t finish yesterday and Monday. It’s not because our toys are never an issue but because I couldn’t handle the […]

A Helpful Guide to Owning Fewer Toys

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: Toys. Sometimes, they feel like they are everywhere. And with the holidays right around the corner, that feeling is likely going to be around awhile. Unless, of course, we do something about it. Just to be clear, although we have taken a number of steps to reduce the […]

Getting Control of the Toys: How I Do It

In this week’s vlog, my girls and I sorted and organized our toys to “get control of the clutter”! Note: I’m still getting the hang of this vlogging. The sun went down while we were organizing the toys, and my camera doesn’t handle dim light very well, so the lighting isn’t that great at the […]