Weekend reading: August 23, 2014

Stuck on the side of the road

From Instagram: Oh, you know, just hanging out on the side of 95… Last weekend I headed to North Carolina with our 8-year-old and the baby to help my parents unpack their new home. About an hour away from their town, the rear differential went out in the van (basically, the back wheels stopped turning while […]

Weekend reading: August 16, 2014

Baby Chiropractic Care

From Instagram: “We’re trying chiropractic care to see if we can help Jackson’s digestive issues. If nothing else, he loved the experience, which was fairly miraculous considering his aversion to strangers.” Despite discontinuing solid foods and transitioning to all formula (to eliminate any variable in my diet, since we know he needs formula anyway for […]

Weekend reading: August 9, 2014

Reading Harry Potter

From Instagram: I finally said yes to Harry Potter. I finally read Harry Potter last year, and I instantly fell in love with the characters, the stories and the magic of it all (you know, like the millions of people before me who didn’t wait 13 years to pick up the first book!). Since that […]

Weekend reading: August 2, 2014

Soccer practice

From Instagram: First soccer practice of the season! {You know those families that have perfectly styled hair and adorable outfits wherever they go? Yeah, we’re not them.} It’s been several years since our oldest played Upward soccer and none of our other girls have played a team sport yet, so this year — despite the […]

Weekend Reading: July 26, 2014

Summer for the Work-at-Home Mom

From Instagram: My schedule is so screwy because our summer has been so crazy! It goes like this: We do something fun during the day. Then I stay up late working. But I still get up early because I LOVE my morning hours. And then midmorning I am just DONE for the day…which means I’ll […]

Weekend Reading: July 19, 2014

Growing baby boy

From Instagram: 17lbs 6ozs! I’d say we’re back on the growth curve – woohoo! ❤️ Five weeks after he stopped gaining weight altogether, little man has put on almost a pound-and-a-half, and I’ve never smiled so big as I did while double- and triple- checking his weight on our brand new digital scale. The last […]