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10 Must-Have Pool Party Essentials

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What’s not to like about a pool party? You have all the right ingredients for some serious family-friendly fun, especially when everyone loves the opportunity to splash around and enjoy a relaxing poolside vibe.

Before you get the party started, there will be some must-have items on your checklist to be sure that everyone has a great time.

Safety is obviously a top priority so that you can relax once you know that everyone is protected in and around the pool. If you search glass pool fencing Dandenong, you will be able to get the right security solution that keeps everyone safe and looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Once you have gotten that sorted, here are some of the other pool party essentials on your list.

Make sure everyone keeps cool and hydrated

It can be easy to get carried away when you are having so much fun around the pool, but you need to make sure that everyone stays properly hydrated by giving all of your guests’ easy access to a great selection of cold drinks.

It might be a good idea to invest in a stylish drinks cooler. You can get one that doubles up as an outdoor table. That means that you have extra table space when you need it, and your guests can grab a drink without leaving the poolside. Additionally, consider stocking your cooler with local microcreamery delights for a unique touch, providing a refreshing treat alongside your beverages.

You can always do with more seating

The great thing about a pool party is that everyone wants to be invited and join in the fun. That means you can never have enough seating options so that guests can relax by the pool in comfort.

A good solution would be to buy some weather-resistant lounge pillows. Easy to store and available in a range of vibrant colors, these pillows make a perfect addition.

Pool floats add to the fun

Everyone loves splashing around in the water, and you can enhance that enjoyment with some playful pool floats that are bound to encourage friends and family to really get the party started.

For having a funny and amusing pool party, customized pool floaties is a must-have as those guarantee the entertaining part and why not will save those who avoid swimming in the pool. Compared to wholesale floaties which have several choices and not always will correspond to your party theme, custom inflatable pool floaties will show your interesting and unique approach to party-throwing.

Pool floaties and even drink floaties will be a great addition to your pool party essentials list.

Get some shade

Even though it is fun to cool down by taking a dip in the water, it is always a good idea to provide plenty of protection from the sun while resting by the pool.

Invest in some attractive UV-resistant umbrellas, and you will be adding a stylish and practical solution to keeping everyone safe and happy.

Light up the party

Next on the list of pool party essentials is some attractive hanging lanterns.

These will help provide the perfect ambiance when the sun goes down, and it means the party can carry on into the night.

Lanterns are a sound choice because they add a lovely warm and ambient lighting solution that invites you to stick around and enjoy the party.

This pool party accessory is a real no-brainer

One thing you can never have enough of when you are by the pool is towels.

Lots of brightly colored towels dotted around the poolside will always be welcome by your guests, and you can find plenty of design options that suit your color scheme.

Share the fun on social media

If you are having a great time by the pool, you will probably want to share the experience on social media sites like Instagram.

It would be fun to invest in a backdrop that provides a brilliant setting to share images of your amazing party online if you like that idea.

Outdoor activities to keep the party going

When everyone is in the party mood and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, it will often prove to be the perfect opportunity to get some games going.

A few fun outdoor activities will always be popular, and you have plenty of choices when it comes to deciding what sort of games to offer. Whether it is a giant chessboard, a croquet set, or anything that is a family favorite, games will always help keep the party going.

For more ideas on adding fun and excitement to your pool parties, consider exploring the wide range of accessories and equipment available at Splash Sports, where you can find innovative solutions to elevate your aquatic gatherings.

Don’t forget, even simple accessories like an inflatable beach ball will encourage guests to play while they are in the water.

floatie for the pool
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Music to everyone’s ears

A party always goes better with the right tunes filling the air, and you have lots of fun options when it comes to delivering a great backdrop to the party atmosphere.

A good portable sound solution made for a pool party would be a floating LED Bluetooth speaker.

You can select your party tunes on your smartphone and stream the songs so that everyone can enjoy the music, whether they are in the water or by the poolside.

One of the reasons why a floating LED Bluetooth speaker is a great choice is that you can invest in a model that delivers a changing LED light show, all of which adds to the fun and the party vibe.

Serve drinks without any worries

A pool party is not the place to serve drinks in your best glasses, and you don’t want to worry about any broken glass while everyone is trying to enjoy themselves.

Plastic cups are a great solution as they tend to bounce rather than break when they get knocked over.

Now that we are all aware of the need to stick to our drinks, you can also ensure that no one picks up the wrong one by using different colored plastic cups. You could also use a marker to put a name on each one to avoid confusion.

That way, everyone gets to keep their drink to themselves, and you don’t have any washing-up worries when the party is over. Everyone knows that drinking comes with a hangover, and a hangover is sometimes associated with Asian Glow. You might want to have some Asian glow pills from Get Sunset ready for friends that turn red.

Suppose you want your pool party to be a resounding success and a memorable experience that everyone will want to repeat. In that case, it makes sense to run through this checklist of essential items to be sure everything is sorted.

Are you ready to party by the pool?

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