10 Things to Do with a Brother Labeler

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source: 427

I received a Brother P-Touch (PT-1280) labeler a few weeks ago, and I’m having so much fun labeling everything in our house. And even better, I can finally keep my kids’ names straight! Kidding, kidding…

Seriously, though, I have been focused on relabeling my storage bins and arts & crafts containers (and they look so pretty in their crisp type compared to my handwritten masking tape labels!), but here are 10 other uses for a labeler:

1. Spices

Recently on Twitter, @Ilinap mentioned that she labels her spices with her label maker. Many of the P-Touch labelers allow you to adjust your type size so that you can make small labels. Because my spices are actually in a drawer of sorts, labeling the tops of the containers would make it much easier to find what I’m looking for.

2. Food canisters

If you use refillable canisters in your pantry for your basics, labeling them is a great way to be able to quickly find the ingredient you’re looking for (versus pulling out the confectioner’s sugar when you’re wanting flour) and keep them organized.

3. Leftovers

I love that this P-Touch labeler (PT-1010) comes with a date/time stamp. This would be great for quickly labeling leftovers or food that you’re freezing.

4. Freezer meals

I’m not very good at stocking my freezer except when I’m expecting a baby. When our youngest was born, we had six weeks of breakfasts, lunches and dinners in our freezer, and it was so nice. The easiest way to stock it that full is to make huge batches of our favorites and then divide it up into single meals. By the end, I was so tired of labeling each item with a description, date and cooking decorations. This time, I plan to use my labeler so I can just print out many copies of each label with the push of a button.

5. School supplies and sports equipment

Quickly and easily label your kids’ school supplies and sports equipments with their names.

6. CD/DVD spines

Using a special super-narrow tape, you can create labels for the spines of CD and DVD cases. If you burn your own music, pictures or home movies, this is a great way to organize the cases.

7. Tools and parts

Use a durable laminated tape to label tool cabinets and other parts bins in your garage, basement or workshop to keep things organized.

8. Gardens and seedlings

Another great use for laminated, weather-resistant tape is to quickly print labels (to affix to popsicle sticks or other “signpost”) to mark the plants in your garden.

9. Files

When I shared my file system with you, I mentioned that I started handwriting my labels because the time it took to print out new labels often kept me from ever doing it. However, now that I have my labeler, I may just go back to printing the labels because they are so much better looking and easy to read, and it doesn’t take me any more time than handwriting a label does.

10. Plugs and wires

I don’t know about you, but we have so much trouble keeping the wires and plugs behind our entertainment center neat and untangled, and it’s such a pain when we have to try to figure out which plug goes with which electronic. I love the idea of labeling each plug (by wrapping the label around the plug so that it sticks to itself and hangs like a tag) to be able to quickly tell which is which.

Let’s keep the list going! What other things have you labeled using your label maker? If you don’t have one, what would you label first if you had one?

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