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10 Things to Note Before Buying Melee Diamonds

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Melee diamonds are common in the market, and many of us want to purchase it without even knowing about it. Many end up unsatisfied because they were not aware of these facts before buying those diamonds. Now first, we have to answer this question, what are melee diamonds in the first place? This is an important question because if you don’t know what it is, then how can you make a wise purchasing decision when considering buying melee diamonds. 

What are melee diamonds?

Melee diamonds are tiny diamonds that are used in ornaments and jewelry, especially as a centerpiece. These are used to emphasize and add a spotlight to that particular area of jewelry, engagement rings, for example. Melee diamonds are always used for halo and channel setting decoration. 

The Gemological Institute of America has officially stated that melee diamonds are diamonds that are less than 0.2 carats. 0.2 carat is the maximum size melee diamonds can get, and they also come at some incredibly small choices like 0.001 carats. 

So what all should you know before buying a melee diamond?

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1. What are melee diamonds:

Melee diamonds are diamonds that are less than 0.2 carats. They also come at much smaller sizes, such as 0.001 carats. Melee diamonds are mostly used for attraction purposes as centerpieces in ornaments and jewelry. The best example that you might have come across is an engagement ring, and you can buy your engagement ring from here.

2. Melee diamond cuts:

Melee diamonds are cut the same way as other diamonds are cut, which are larger. In fact, many melee diamonds will look the same as the larger diamonds, except they will be downsized versions of it. This makes them the best and special as they will unique compared to other larger diamonds.

3. Melee diamonds: Single cut

Melee diamonds come in two types of cuts, single and full. Single cut melee diamonds look like vintage ones with the round shape. They usually have 17 or 18 facets. This is because much simpler cutting methods are followed in single cut melee diamonds. Single cut diamonds are almost non-existent in the market these days due to technological advancements. These diamonds are usually used in watchmaking.

4. Melee diamonds: Full-cut

Full cut melee diamonds have 57-58 facets, thanks to technological advancements. As they have more facets, they sparkle a lot and reflect far more light. Full cut melee diamonds are sold everywhere from wholesalers. This is because now it is much easier to cut full diamonds with the tech that we have.

5. Price:

The price of melee diamonds depends on the quality and size of the diamonds. As melee diamonds are relatively small, they are not that valuable individually. Average graded melee diamonds cost anywhere around 300$-400$ per carat, and high graded melee diamonds cost up to 1000$ per carat. The price of melee diamonds is calculated by the total carat weight for the bundle. They are not calculated individually. So it is important to know the price range that you are set to buy it.

6. Wholesale only:

But that’s a problem you can quickly solve—all you need to find a resource that can satisfy your need to buy this valuable item. For instance, you can get the best wholesale diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Aura Diamonds, no matter how big your demand is for this unique gem. Also, with this option, you get to save yourself from all the unnecessary hassle that revolves around buying diamonds wholesale.

7. Ring settings:

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Melee diamonds are mostly used to provide sparkle and to add attraction. There are many popular ring settings, such as pave, halo, and channel. Melee diamonds are used to make the jewel much shinier and attractive, adding volume to it without sacrificing the centerpiece diamond. 

8. Melee diamond grade:

You wouldn’t have many opportunities to customize melee diamonds, but you can make sure that they are well graded. Usually, sellers use low graded diamonds in the jewels to lower their cost and advertise them as high-end diamonds, so do not fall for it. Make sure that they are high graded and also make sure that they don’t outshine the centerpiece. 

9. Diamond chips:

Diamond chips are also small in size, which can be used in the same settings in the ornaments like melee diamonds, but these are not fully faceted. It means that they haven’t been cut or polished properly, making them very uneven. Melee diamonds are the best when compared to diamond chips but know your need before buying it.

10. Diamond chip price:

If you are not able to afford melee diamonds, then diamond chips are your best choice. Even though they are not sold that action, you may come across some. Since they are not cut perfectly like melee diamonds or other larger diamonds, they are relatively cheaper.


Melee diamonds are the best and look amazing as they are the supporting pieces for the centerpiece, but you will have to keep in mind all the things mentioned above. It is highly recommended to do some research on your seller about the quality before buying. Know about the diamonds and your need, too, most importantly purchase according to your budget as diamonds are pretty costly. 

Featured Image by Cherie Vilneff from Pixabay