10 Tips for Making Your Goals a Reality

The following is a guest post from Ashley Pichea and Meghan Tucker from the 3 in 30 Challenge:

2011 goals
source: Flashy Soup Can

A new year often brings about reflection on the previous year and new goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

How often, though, in looking back, do we discover that the goals and resolutions we made the year before were never realized?

As you think about what it is you’d like to accomplish in this new year, consider this list of ten tips for making goals reality:

1. Express your goal positively: I will accomplish “x” by “this date.”

2. Be precise. Set SMART goals.

3. Set priorities. Tackle goals in order of importance.

4. Write your goals down.

5. Find someone to keep you accountable.

6. Keep your operational goals small. Break bigger goals into smaller steps.

7. Set performance goals, not outcome goals. There are things beyond your control. Set goals that you can control: “I will run in a 5K on March 10th” rather than “I will come in first place at a 5K on March 10th”.

8. Set realistic goals. Making one goal reality will give you the success you need to work on the next goal on your list.

9. Keep the big picture in mind.

10. Be flexible. Be willing to alter your intended goals if necessary.

As the co-founders of the 3 in 30 Challenge, we want to help you realize your goals in 2011. Each month, we’ll tackle three bite-sized goals. Together we can accomplish our goals!

It takes 21 days to create new habits. Each month (approximately each 30 days) we’ll start fresh and all participants will choose no more than 3 goals they want to work on. Throughout the month we’ll provide weekly link-ups and opportunities for daily encouragement and accountability.

3 in 30 is a joint-venture between Meghan Tucker and Ashley Pichea, overflowing from their own accountability relationship. Through the 3 in 30 Challenge, they want to encourage and challenge you to accomplish your goals!

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