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10 Ways to Create a Beautiful Summer Porch

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

10 Ways to Create a Beautiful Summer Porch at
source: The Pennington Point

Ahhhh….summer is right around the corner.  Outdoor grilling, swimming, heat, relaxing as a family.  These are staples of summer in our family.

One thing I love is to sit outside with the family and hang out.  In my mind, I can see Sheriff Taylor and Barney rocking on the porch playing old hymns and drinking lemonade.  The good old days of people just being together with no electronics and no crazy schedules.

One way to encourage a good old-fashioned summer afternoon is by creating a welcoming, beautiful summer porch atmosphere.  I have a big front porch (that we added on ourselves) but even a small porch can be inviting.  Here are a few things you can do to add summer to your porch.


source: The Pennington Point

Summer, bunting, apple pie and hot dogs.  Right?  If you have a porch rail or a good spot across the roof, bunting makes the house feel like summer!  I got mine at the local hardware store.

2. Rocking Chairs

source: The Pennington Point

Like Andy and Barney, the rocking chair is essential to creating a cozy, front porch environment.  If you have even the smallest porch space, try finding room for a rocking chair (or two!).

3. Ferns

source:The Pennington Point

What says classic front porch more than ferns? And they are so affordable!  I got some last week for less than $7 each with the hooks all ready to hang.

4. Painted Rug

source: The Pennington Point

I love a little bit of the unexpected.  Painting a rug on the floor is an easy, affordable way to dress up the porch.  PLUS, it’s easy to change when you’re looking for a pick-me-up.

5. Evening Lights

source: The Pennington Point

A soft glow in the evening is a beautiful way to close out the day.  I put Christmas lights along the edge of the ceiling and plug them in as the sun starts to set.

6. Fans

source: The Pennington Point

Here in Texas you need a breeze to cool you off.  Be sure to use fans made for the outdoors.  They cost a little more, but they will last longer.

7. Vines

source: The Pennington Point

It is so easy to grow vines along a porch rail.  I planted jasmine a few years ago, and it comes back every spring and summer with no effort from me.

8. Swing

source: The Pennington Point

A swing invites adults and kids alike to sit a spell and enjoy the warm summer afternoon.  I didn’t have room for a swing right on the porch, so I hung one right in front of the porch steps.

9. Color

source: Imparting Grace

A pop of color makes the porch playful and fun.  Flowers are great for adding color.  If you’re like me and you have a black thumb, you can use a bright accessory like pillows or a sign.

10. Toys

source: The Pennington Point

We keep wooden toys in a basket on our porch.  It’s perfect for the little ones that can’t run off and play while moms sit and visit.

Do you have a porch you can make beautiful for summer?

Lisa winds through her little Texas farm house every night, tucking in her nine homeschooled children and turning off lights. Then she scans the rooms & makes a mental list of what she wants to rearrange, restore or paint. Her husband of 27 years hangs on for the ride while she blogs about it over at The Pennington Point.