10 Ways to Simplify Your Home and Life Today

The following guest post is from Lorilee of Loving Simple Living.com:

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Crazy? You need some simplifying.

Life gets so full. Full of homework papers, dishes, plastic toys, mail, laundry, library books, and so much more. Home should be a place to enjoy and de-stress instead of a place that just reminds us of everything we need to do.

My passion is simple living and simple homes. If you want to simplify but don’t know where to start, here are 10 things that you could do right now-today- to simplify your home space.

Lets go!

1. Make your bed.

Probably the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and the focal point. If your bed is made the clothes on the floor aren’t as noticeable.

2. Open the curtains.

Go all through the house and open them wide. Let the light shine in. Having the curtains open makes the whole house look bigger and draw the eyes up and out. Open the windows and let some fresh air in as well if the weather allows.

3. Go on a paper mission.

Walk through the house and pick up all the paper you can find. Sort into trash, need to file, action items (bills, kids school info, etc). Trash to trash, need to file filed (or put in a nice pile near the filing cabinet out of sight) and action items placed all in one place out of site. Viola! Paper free.

4. Take out the trash.

Empty all the trash cans and pick up any other trash you might see laying around. Once the trash is out, light a candle. Hopefully the trash wasn’t stinking up the house, but now the candle makes it smell clean 🙂

5. Go through the underwear drawer.

You can’t tackle everything in one day. This makes a good starting spot. Get rid of anything that isn’t attractive or is past it’s useful life. Cut down to an amount to last comfortably between washing days and get rid of anything else that just takes up space.

6. Get dressed.

…shouldn’t have to be noted here, but just in case you haven’t already made yourself presentable take the time to do it now. Comfortable beauty helps self-confidence and makes our whole outlook much better.

7. Clear off the kitchen counters completely.

This one might be a bit more work, but it is totally worth it. It is my opinion that nothing should be kept on the counter. (maybe a small decoration in the corner if you have the space). The kitchen space you are trying to create is a welcoming, energizing, creative spot.

If you are anything like me, the kitchen is where you spend a good part of the day cooking for kids and cleaning. There always seems to be creating or cleaning up and all of it adds visual clutter. Getting everything off the counters (including flour tins, plants, cookbooks, etc) gives more space to work as well as a less overwhelming feeling in the kitchen. For some this might take some reorganization. Try it out for a week and see what you think.

8. Find a box or tub (or 2 or 3) and put extra toys, books, household things in it.

If you want to sell or donate them great, but just putting them in storage and rotating them a few months from now will do wonders for reducing clutter. Maybe your home doesn’t have enough room for everything you love. If that is the case, give everything it’s moment to shine by rotating.

9. Cancel a commitment.

I know this post is about simplifying the home and not the schedule, but lots of times our over-committed schedule takes time from keeping up the house as well as generally adding stress. Stress makes clutter or disorder in the house harder to deal with.

10. Sit down and have a cup of tea or a piece of chocolate.

Find time to read a good book. Take (or better yet, set a daily time to have) a mini personal vacation. Time just for you.

What other simple tips would you add to this list?

Lorilee is a child of the King, wife to an incredible man, mother to two energetic kids, minimalist, wanna be vegan, thinker, reader, and wanderer. Blogging at Loving Simple Living.com and enjoying a vibrant, loving, present life. She also just released her book 321 Stop – stop running and start living.