101 Days of Christmas eBook FREE for Kindle {9/25-9/26} and How YOU Can Help

101 Days of Christmas eBook

We give away a lot of content for free here on Life Your Way, and doing so is one of my favorite parts of being a blogger, but today I have a favor to ask of you:

The fun part? It will cost you nothing, only take 30 seconds or so of your time, and you’ll get something for free in the process anyway!

Intrigued? Good!

Today and tomorrow only, 101 Days of Christmas is free for the Kindle. It would mean so much to me — and help future sales of the ebook! — if you would swing over to Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself while the sale lasts.

If you want an extra gold star (unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got to offer, LOL!), you could then share this post with your family and friends so they can get a free copy too!

Want TWO gold stars?! After you’ve had a chance to look through the ebook, I’d love it if you would leave an honest review at Amazon as well.

Pretty easy, right?

Head here to grab your copy at Amazon.com.

Don’t have a Kindle but still want to get it while the gettin’s good? Download one of Amazon’s free reading apps for your computer, tablet or phone.

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