You are currently viewing 111 New Years Resolutions and Tools to Make Them a Reality (Add Your Links!)

111 New Years Resolutions and Tools to Make Them a Reality (Add Your Links!)

Over the last few days, I’ve been working on this list of resolutions. I’m sure it’s not complete, but it’s pretty close!

I’ve included tons of links to resources to help you achieve each of your goals, but there are still a few missing.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a linky so you can share your own resolutions, encouragement and posts, but if you have a post related to one of the missing links, be sure to leave a comment as well so I can update the post!

Green Living Resolutions

green living resolutions


  • embrace minimalism
  • support mompreneurs and small businesses
  • resist consumerism
  • buy locally

at home

  • switch to natural personal care products
  • switch to green cleaning products
  • create a natural medicine cabinet

reduce your footprint

  • recycle
  • reduce the amount of trash you produce
  • drive less
  • reduce plastic use

Diet & Exercise Resolutions

healthy eating resolutions
source: Joe Buckingham

eat intentionally

  • eat organically
  • eat seasonally
  • grow your own produce
  • cook from scratch

change your diet

  • reduce the amount of sugar you eat
  • reduce the amount of gluten in your diet
  • drink more water
  • expand your palette / try new foods
  • cut out processed foods & eat more whole foods

lose weight

  • lose x number of pounds


  • exercise regularly
  • run a marathon

Career & Business Resolutions

career & business goals
source: Kelly B


  • get a new job
  • get a promotion / raise
  • learn a new trade


  • start a new business
  • grow your business
  • start a side hustle

Relationship Resolutions

relationship resolutions
source: D. Sharon Pruitt


  • set aside time for regular date nights
  • go to marriage counseling
  • rekindle your marriage


  • have regular dates mommy/daddy dates with your kids
  • be a more intentional parent
  • plan a weekly family game night
  • expand your parenting toolbox beyond time outs and spankings


  • restart an old friendship


  • get more involved in your community
  • volunteer more


  • mentor someone else

Lifestyle Resolutions

lifestyle resolutions
source: Emergency Break

sleep & energy

  • get enough sleep


  • reduce your stress
  • take care of yourself
  • schedule time for yourself
  • be content
  • get rid of negative self-talk


  • read more
  • improve your photography
  • start a new hobby
  • rekindle an old hobby


  • go back to school / finish a degree


  • reduce the amount of TV you watch


  • put the first things first
  • be more productive

Blogging Resolutions

blogging resolutions
source: James Whatley


  • take your blog to the next level
  • define your vision


  • improve your writing
  • submit a book proposal
  • write an ebook
  • self-publish a book

networking & social media

  • build relationships with other bloggers
  • build a Facebook strategy
  • build a Twitter strategy

Financial Resolutions

financial resolutions
source: Alan Cleaver

save money

  • create a budget
  • reduce your monthly bills
  • use sinking funds to manage your spending

prepare for the future

  • pay off debt
  • build your savings / emergency fund
  • build an opportunity fund
  • save for retirement
  • see a financial planner
  • increase your giving
  • set up a will / living trust

Spiritual Resolutions

spiritual resolutions
source: rykneethling


  • read the Bible regularly
  • spend more time in prayer
  • pray for your kids
  • memorize Scripture


  • serve at church
  • start a regular Bible study with your kids/family
  • join a small group
  • start a small group

Home Life Resolutions

home resolutions
source: Brian Forbes


  • declutter your home
  • clean out your storage
  • reduce the amount of clothing you own


  • organize your life
  • setup & stick to a filing system
  • setup & stick to a daily schedule or routine

meal planning

  • start meal planning


  • create a regular chores schedule
  • record memories / keep a journal