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101 Days of Christmas: 12 Days of Christmas Activities

12 days of Christmas activities

I honestly wasn’t planning on posting this, but I was so excited by how it turned out — and how truly simple and easy it was — that I couldn’t resist!

We’re doing a modified 12 Days of Christmas starting next week (yes, I know it’s technically supposed to be after Christmas, but I’m a rule-breaker), and I created a 12 Days of Christmas Pinterest board with activities for those days. As I was trying to come up with a cute advent calendar to hold the activities, I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of trying to make a really nice one this late in the game.

Let’s face it: There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and across the internet and blogosphere that we can feel like we have to do things perfectly or not at all. But simple is good too.

With that in mind, I made this 12 days of Christmas calendar this morning while the big girls were at art and the baby was eating breakfast. It took me maybe 20 minutes altogether and I used supplies I had on hand, so it didn’t cost me a penny!

12 days of Christmas activities


  • ribbon, string, yarn (whatever you have on hand)
  • wrapping paper or scrapbook paper scraps
  • clothespins, paperclips, binder clips (again, whatever you have on hand)
  • tape


Cut 12 pieces of wrapping paper in various shapes and sizes. I made mine big enough to fold in half, but you could do a flat piece with the activity written on the back too.

As a side note, I’m thankful my husband bought wrapping paper with cutting guides on the back because it definitely made cutting these out much simpler!

Hang a piece of ribbon across a window, door, mantle, shelf or wall.

Attach the paper to the ribbon with clothespins.

Hint: Clip the paper to the ribbon first so that you get a good mix of patterns and sizes and then pull them down one by one to add an activity for that day.

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