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13 Tips to Relieve Stress on Call Center Agents

You’ve probably heard a lot about call center agents and the stress they face on the job. After all, their efforts are often publicized as being among the most crucial yet stressful jobs.

The importance of the job is part of the issue. Agents are frequently placed under considerable pressure to make sales, resolve customer complaints and increase efficiency. Hiring managers expect their call center teams to produce more than ever before, and without a focus on wellness in a contact center, things can go downhill fairly quickly.

The biggest issue with stress in the workplace is that it’s so easy to develop bad habits, leading to burnout. Agents who are stressed are more likely to engage in counterproductive behaviors. For example, when an agent feels overworked, they may take out their frustration on customers or take shortcuts to complete tasks quicker and get home sooner.

We bring you 13 tops tips to help relieve stress on contact center agents.

Set realistic goals

It might seem counter-intuitive, but setting unrealistic targets can cause more harm than good. Setting unreachable goals for agents will only lead to frustration as they feel as though they are unable to complete their tasks correctly and on time. Of course, you always need to not bring up the past and give feedback but offer a more realistic goal.

Have a positive attitude

Your contact center team will feed off your energy and positivity or negativity. Making sure that you have a positive attitude when working with agents will help relieve the pressure off them and stress in the workplace. Also, ensure that you let your agents know the importance of their work.

Use positive reinforcement

Don’t make your contact center agents dread coming to work with you, as this could hurt their job satisfaction. Agents are more likely to deliver the best results if they feel supported, valued, and well-equipped. Additionally, consider small gestures such as gift cards for employees to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. It will create a more positive work environment and increase job satisfaction, leading to better results.

Remember to show appreciation for hard work

One of the biggest causes of stress in an agent is feeling that nobody notices when they’re doing well. If your contact center team delivers above-average results or goes the extra mile, be sure to recognize their efforts.

Create a performance-based incentive program or team-building activities that your team can enjoy and see the results of their hard work and the fruit of labor. Developing corporate team building events such as axe-throwing provide a unique opportunity for contact center agents to showcase their talents outside the typical work setting. It can help increase morale and build confidence, leading to more productive and engaged employees in the long run

Recognize that agents are human

Just like you, your contact center team is only human. Ensure that you treat them with respect and understanding rather than focusing on things they can’t change, such as needing more time for appointments. Providing realistic goals will also help this.

Forget New Year’s resolutions

Don’t expect your contact center team to come back in the new year full of motivation and ready to go. Instead, give them time to relax during their downtime. Also, keep in mind how important it is not only for agents’ general well-being but also for customer service.

Play music

This might sound strange, but playing music can help to calm down your contact center agents. Before you bring in the speakers, remember to check with your team first, as some people find certain genres of music distracting.

Build a work culture

Creating a thriving work culture is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress in call center agents. Work culture involves offering training, conducting surveys, and encouraging communication between team members.

Keep your agents informed

If you ever make major changes to the contact center, ensure that agents are made aware of these changes and why they’re necessary. If agents feel they don’t know what’s going on, this will only add additional stress and confusion to their day-to-day work activities.

Have an employee engagement strategy

If your contact center team doesn’t feel as though they’re included in the company, it will add unnecessary stress to their jobs. Be sure to involve them in some type of employee engagement strategy and make yourself available for open two-way communication.

Encourage healthy habits

The unhealthy habits of agents, such as smoking and skipping breaks, all add up and can lead to burnout. Ensure that you encourage healthy habits in the workplace and give your contact center team time to break if they need it.

Offering snacks and meals, or even considering an HSA benefits card, is a great workplace perk, but try to keep them on the healthier side.

Witness good behavior

Lead by example and show your agents how their actions affect others. If they see you acting in a positive manner, they are more likely to adopt this behavior.

Take care of yourself

The bottom line is that if you don’t take care of your own well-being, you’ll struggle with work too. Make sure that you get enough sleep and exercise to stay focused at work.

In conclusion, reducing stress in the workplace is no easy feat, but with the right training and strategies in place, it’s possible. Follow these tips and learn more about how to keep your team motivated and inspired daily.

Featured Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels