2012 Home Resolutions

The following post is from Lindsey M. Roberts, a design & décor writer:

couch in living room
source: Benjamin Moore

One of my favorite parts about the post-holiday season is having the time to regroup and make plans for 2012. But although we often make plans for our health, or our learning goals, do we make resolutions for our home?

For example, I think that for us, 2012 is the year that we save up for nicer sofas and a file cabinet that works. I think we’ll also enforce different cleaning strategies. Take a good look at your home, brainstorm with your family, and set your own home resolutions. Here are six ideas to get you started.

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source: Benjamin Moore

De-clutter One Room a Month

Set up three bins: one for trash, one for donating, and one for putting things away in their proper places. Then, tackle one room a month. Be ruthless—honestly ask yourself whether your use or like an item- no matter who gave it to you. (Real Simple has lots more clutter-busting tips.) Throw out, donate, or put items away and give your rooms and your life some breathing room.

Rearrange for Better Room Flow

With what’s left in your rooms, see if you can’t rearrange the furniture for better flow. Make sure there’s enough room to walk, while keeping pieces united to each other. Furniture shouldn’t be so far away from each other that each piece looks like it’s floating, but neither should it be squashed together. And make sure your rug acts more like a room unifier than a living room bath mat. When in doubt, throw a party and take note of where people sit, and how they use the rooms. Or ask friends to come over and offer advice.

sofa and armoire
source: Benjamin Moore

Save Up for a Piece of Furniture

Once your spaces are de-cluttered and rearranged, it’s time to decide if it’s time to put money toward something to update your home. Is your sofa fabric falling apart? Do your throw pillows need to be replaced? Maybe your sheets are threadbare, or you want a rug that unifies your color palette. Then set a reasonable savings goal and starting researching quality products.

blue paint in living room
source: Knight Moves


The best way to freshen up a home is to paint. You can change your entire color palette, or just freshen up the place.

Pick Up a New “Home” Skill

As Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan says, nothing you do for your home is ever wasted. So what skill are you going to work on that will bless your home and its inhabitants? You can can jam for the pantry, learn how to sand a paint a piece of furniture, learn how to frame your own art, or even paint your walls. Take a carpentry or interior design course, or even sign up for quick, evening classes at local furniture and design stores.

Set Up a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Rather then clean at random, whenever we have time, or waiting until your house is at disaster status, maybe it’s time for a regular cleaning schedule. You could decide to devote 30 minutes a day to cleaning, or a certain task a day– whatever works for your house and your family.

This year, take time to assess what’s working in your home, what’s not working, and come up with a measurable, achievable plan for making your home work for you.

What are your 2012 home resolutions?

Lindsey M. Roberts has covered design, décor, and homes from Washington state to Washington, D.C., writing for publications such as GRAY magazine, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, Apartment Therapy, The Washington Post, Preservation and Architect magazine.