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3 Ideas for Busting Through the Winter Photo Blahs

The following post is from Krystal of Krystal Griffin Photography:

Source: Krystal Griffin

Right about this time of year many of us see a lull in the number of photos we take. One winter my husband commented that I took significantly less photos during the January-March months.

With a little thought, I realized that because I didn’t have a baby, who seemed to change before my eyes, I was out of the habit of photographing my children in a season that didn’t seem to have much going on.

But he challenged that thought, saying it made him sad to see how few pictures were taken over such a large chunk of time. Three months with hardly any pictures!? He was right. It had to change! These were my strategies (and still are) for busting through those winter photo blahs.

1. Seasonal Activities

My first thought had been that there was nothing going on in the second half of the winter. After thinking and watching, I realized that there are quite a lot of seemingly ordinary things we did through the winter months.

source: Krystal Griffin
  • What family activities do you enjoy when you can’t go outside?
  • What area of the arts do your kids get more involved in during the colder months?
  • What are your kids’ favorite toys this year?
  • What do you spend time teaching your kids how to do?

2. Not So Very “Schoolish” School Pictures

Because we homeschool there is a lot of learning that happens between our four walls (and a lot outside of them!). But even those of you who send your children to school outside the home have plenty of academics happening in your home. Don’t stop with the back to school photos. Those are fun and memorable, but the real learning happens a little at a time all year long.

source: Krystal Griffin
  • What are they reading this winter?
  • Is there a special school project they are working on?
  • Are they learning something outside of school that they have a special interest in?
  • Where do they set up for homework each afternoon?

3. Power Sessions

This idea came to me as I realized I was in a “photo funk”. I decided I was going to take 10 minutes to photograph my kids, home and family. There was no pressure, just use the camera for 10 minutes. By spending focused time just looking for the special things that made your family who you are, you may find you can capture a lot of special bits and everyday memories. You may even end up with a wonderful series of photos that tell a little story, all because you kept photographing over a short period of time.

source: Krystal Griffin
  • How do your kids interact with one another?
  • How do your kids wake-up?
  • What are your personal projects this winter?
  • What part if your daily routine do you love?

Next week I’ll cover another seasonal problem with our photos: low winter light.

Some of the most special images are from our day to day lives. Tell us about one of your favorite “ordinary day” photos. Better yet, show us in the comments!

Krystal is a stay-at-home mom of four children, ages 4-9, whom she homeschools. She is acutely aware of how fast her children are changing and is passionate about keeping family memories alive through photographs. Now and then she gets to help other families’ bottle up their own memories at Krystal Griffin Photography.