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3 Ways to Make Meals a Family Affair

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Weekdays are the worst, right?

We wake up, rush around all day, and are lucky if we get a word in edgewise with our family members. It’s easy to get bombarded with the everyday chaos, and in the process miss out on a kiss from your partner or a quick hug from your kids. Between meetings and after school activities, most families spend quite a lot of time running around and not a lot of time connecting.

Whether you have to schedule it in or drop that extra night of softball practice, connecting with our family over meals is important. Not only just eating, but also in getting some interactive face time as well.

Here are three ways you can make meals at your home a family affair and get some good quality time into your hectic schedule:

Plan together.

When each member of the family is participating in planning meals, each person will have their say as to what makes it to the table. It’s important for parents to let kids voice their wants and follow through with them. It will invite a sense of confidence and promote good decision-making skills.

Planning meals together can also be a great way to ensure that at least one person is happy with the meal each night you do come together as a family to break bread. Mealtimes feel much more memorable when each person has a say and an opinion.

Get in the kitchen together.

In a lot of families, there is just one person who does the majority of the cooking. But, getting everyone involved will allow every family member to feel as though they’ve had a hand in producing a meal to be proud of. It’s a great opportunity to connect and talk about your day with each other and allow each member to feel like they have a role in the meal they’re eating.

Even little ones can be involved in helping scrub potatoes or washing produce. If you make cooking and eating a fun time together, no one will mind prepping ingredients, setting the table, or doing the dishes.

Try new ingredients together.

Bringing along the whole family on a trip to the grocery store might seem stressful, but it will also create a sense of responsibility as to what meals are eaten that week. When given the time in the produce department, many people will start to notice fruits and vegetables they’ve never seen or eaten before. Make it a goal to choose one new ingredient each week to mix up meal time and learn something new together. Not only will you expand your own palate, but also you’ll encourage others in your family to do the same!

There are so many ways to make mealtime into a family event that everyone can feel good about. It really is so simple to delegate tasks and be able to work together as a team to produce a fantastic tasting meal and connect with one another in the process.

How do you ensure your family connects over mealtime?

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