{30} Posts I’m Proud Of

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I am counting down the days to my 30th birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Truly! As I was brainstorming ways to celebrate here on the blog, I couldn’t help but think that 30 lists of {30} items would be just about perfect for my type-A, list-making self. Join me for the next month as I share the things I’ve learned in the past 30 years and my hopes for the future! See all 30 Days of {30} posts here.

I’ve shared lists of Life Your Way’s most popular posts before, but I’ve never taken time to compile a list of my favorite posts — the ones that still speak to me when I come across them in the archives, the ones that I’m proud to say I’ve written!

Most of these were posted on Life Your Way, a few on Simple Mom. But they’re all posts I’m pretty proud of that probably don’t get the attention they deserve now that they’re buried in the archives!


In no particular order, 30 posts I’m proud to have written:

1. Balancing the Risks of Sunscreen & Cancer

2. The Blog Standard & the Whole Picture

3. When Marriage Gets Tough

4. Where is Going Green on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

5. Benefits of Purposeful Decluttering

6. Extra Credit IS Real Life

7. Battling the Urge to “Keep up with the Joneses”

8. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Finding Time to Read

9. Baby Steps Along My Green Journey

10. Identifying Your Pressure Points

11. Why I Tell My Girls They’re Beautiful. Often.

12. Is Your To-Do List Stealing Your Mojo?

13. Ingredients to Avoid in the Food You Eat

14. The Hardest Month of My Life

15. Making Space for the Sentimental

16. The Secret of Success for Work-at-Home Moms

17. Reconciling Frugal Living and Unnecessary Splurges

18. Why I Hate the Idea of Balance

19. A Changing Perspective in My Role as a Blogger

20. “Just One More Thing” Syndrome

21. Alternatives to Traditional Feminine Care Products

22. Avoid Decluttering by Keeping the Clutter Out Altogether

23. The Whys Behind Our Decision to Homeschool

24. Understanding Your Personality: Balancing Tasks and People

25. Quick Tip: Schedule Margins in Your Day

26. I’m a Perfect Mom…In My Head

27. Being Content with Our Homes

28. On Obedience and the Right to an Opinion

29. The Danger of Snap Judgements

30. Lazy Parenting and the Better Late Than Early Philosophy

What is your favorite Life Your Way post?