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source: Johanna Hardell

{30} Ways to Save Money

30 ways to save money
source: Johanna Hardell

I am counting down the days to my 30th birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Truly! As I was brainstorming ways to celebrate here on the blog, I couldn’t help but think that 30 lists of {30} items would be just about perfect for my type-A, list-making self. Join me for the next month as I share the things I’ve learned in the past 30 years and my hopes for the future! See all 30 Days of {30} posts here.

It’d be really easy to simply copy the list from the {30} ways to go green post for this once, since most truly green activities happen to be frugal as well! Instead, I’m going to try to put together a unique list of ways you can save money and pad your monthly budget. Little changes might not seem worth the effort all by themselves, but when you begin to add those changes together, they pennies and dollars really do add up!


Here are 30 ways to save money:

1. Use coupons.

2. Switch to generic or store brand products.

3. Buy “overripe” produce.

4. Cook from scratch.

5. Use reusable rather than disposable whenever possible.

6. Make homemade cleaning supplies.

7. Simplify your personal care routine; buy fewer products.

8. Call and ask for lower rates on your utility bills.

9. Cancel your cable.

10. Read your bills carefully to check for unauthorized or unexpected fees.

11. Buy your car and home insurance from the same company and ask for a discount on both.

12. Adjust your thermostat by a few degrees up in the summer and down in the winter.

13. Make eating out a special occasion.

14. Borrow instead of buying whenever possible.

15. Shop on Craigslist and Freecycle.

16. Repurpose or repair what you already have rather than replacing it.

17. Designate fun money in your monthly budget.

18. Avoid paying interest by paying with cash or a debit card or paying off your cards monthly.

19. Use grocery gas rewards programs.

20. Limit the amount of clothing you purchase; buy pieces that last.

22. Question every purchase; delay impulse purchases.

23. Switch to a free checking account.

24. Carefully monitor your bank accounts to avoid overdraft fees.

25. Ask for discounts on big purchases.

26. Barter.

27. Search for online coupon codes when shopping online.

28. Stay home.

29. Use cash.

30. Set up automatic transfers to your savings account.

How do you save money? What would you add to this list?