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4 Common Issues with Leggings and How to Solve Them

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These days, leggings are not only worn in the gym or by people who want to be fit and active anymore. In fact, they’re now a regular part of street fashion and are slowly becoming more acceptable workwear in most establishments that allow smart-casual attire. Leggings are so comfy that many people also opt to wear them at home while doing chores or lounging about. They’re also compact enough, making them essential clothing items for people who travel all the time.

That said, if you’ve ever had issues with how your leggings fit, you’re not alone. In many cases, buying leggings from different brands is something that you just have to do if you want to find the brand and product that checks all the boxes. After all, what works for one online reviewer may not work for other people. If you’re wondering where you went wrong in your previous purchase, here’s a rundown of the common issues that people usually have with their leggings and how you can make a smarter choice the next time you go shopping:

The Fabric Is Too Light

Sometimes, despite checking under the store light multiple times, the pair you come home to can still end up exposing more of you than what you’re willing to reveal. This may not be much of an issue if you’re used to pairing your leggings with longer tops or wearing shorts on top of them. Still, you decided to buy a pair of leggings, not tights or stockings. If the pair of leggings you bought is too thin or too light, then you might only be able to wear them in certain places or events. This defeats the purpose of buying a piece that’s well regarded for being versatile.

Aside from checking the details on paper and doing the light test once before you complete your purchase, it’s a good idea to try wearing the leggings or holding up the fabric against different types of light. Maybe the fabric does well when you look at it under the indoor light in the store you went to, but it shows too much if you’re outdoors or under harsh gym lighting. If you’re buying leggings from an online store and you don’t have the opportunity to test them under different lighting conditions, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the seller to do the test on your behalf. The seller can even upload a video of how the fabric performs under different lighting on their website, and this can entice other buyers to consider owning this particular design. 

Bunching Issues

Aside from showing more skin than you want, the pair of leggings you have at home may add more definition to your crotch area than you’d like. Some people are not comfortable walking around with a camel toe or a noticeable bulge, and it’s alright if you feel this way. Your body is perfectly fine as it is, but you may want to find a pair of leggings that offers a much better fit. Bunching issues happen because the leggings are too tight, too loose, or the pair isn’t designed to handle varying body shapes. Perhaps you can find designs that are better suited to accommodate and accentuate your shape, like high- or low-waist leggings or those that come with contouring features that are designed to hug your body more comfortably. 

Muffin-top Situations

No matter how your body is proportioned, some leggings simply show a bit of a muffin top whenever you wear them. If you want a more refined appearance and the leggings you’re wearing simply do not provide the support that your body needs, then it’s time to take a look at other legging designs that may complement your body and outfit better. High-waist leggings, for one, can help you create a cleaner line as well as prevent your leggings from stretching out and rolling down. 

The Price Isn’t Right

Well-fitting leggings that can last more than a few uses don’t exactly come cheap, and it can be exhausting to go store-hopping just to find good leggings. However, it’s easy to find a middle ground between price and quality when you can check out different stores without leaving your home. Many online retailers specialize in tights and leggings, and they usually offer high-quality goods at reasonable prices. You can also choose performance fabrics like spandex, designed specifically to withstand rough usage and prevent chaffing.

Leggings have certainly earned their place in men’s and women’s fashion in recent years. Despite the wide variety of designs and features that leggings in the market have today, it can still be a bit of a pain to find a pair that fits well. So the next time you go shopping for a pair of leggings—be it in-store or online—remember these tips so you can avoid experiencing the same issues with your newly purchased pair.

Featured Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash