4 iPhone Apps for New Parents

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source: Judit Klein

I’m finding myself in the midst of a baby boom. A bunch of moms I know online, and in real life, have either given birth recently or are soon expecting a new little one to join their families. I’m so excited to see and read about new babies, but I have to confess that I am just a wee bit jealous. Not only do they get the fantastic bonus of new baby smell – seriously, is there anything better? – but they’ve also got a bunch of smart phone apps to help them navigate their little one’s first days.

When my daughter was born almost four years ago, the iPhone had debuted less than a year before and there were not that many parenting apps available. Fast forward to today where new parents have a ton to choose from to help them keep track of baby. Here’s a few iOS apps to help parents navigate the chaotic days of a newborn.

iBreastfeed – FREE

Many new moms struggle with breastfeeding in the early days. When we first brought my daughter home, my husband and I kept track of her feedings and diapers on the an Excel spreadsheet which we kept open on a laptop nearby where I fed her. (Reaching over a sleeping newborn wasn’t always fun!) iBreastfeed is a free app sponsored by Medela that allows new moms to keep track of baby’s feeding schedule and diapers, as well as gives mom advice to successfully breastfeed.


White Noise Baby – 99 cents

White noise has long been a secret tool of parents everywhere to help soothe an otherwise fussy baby. The theory is that infants, used to the noise inside their mother’s uterus, are lulled to calm by constant white noise like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and car rides. This app plays those sounds as well offers some helpful advice to help calm your fussy one!


Baby Activity Logger – $4.99

Baby Activity Logger is another newborn logging application but is more robust than iBreastfeed, allowing new moms to log all sorts of information, from diaper changes and feeding, to playtime and sleep schedules. But the app is far more than just a simple log – it also collates data into graphical charts for you to review so you can see how your baby is progressing and you can email your data from within the app itself. Baby Activity Logger has won numerous awards including Apple Staff Favorite and Best App for New Parents award from Good Housekeeping magazine.


Cry Translator – $4.99

I remember the first few months of being a mom, listening to my infant daughter wail her lungs out as I rushed about, wishing desperately for some magic translator to help me figure out what it she wanted. And now they do actually have an app for that. Cry Translator is an app by Biloop Technologic that actually analyzes a baby’s cries and gives you the solution to whether your baby is hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed, or just bored.

What are some of your favorite apps for new parents?

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