4 Tips for Work at Home Vacation Planning

The following post is from Michelle of Mommy Misadventures:

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Vacation should be a time to relax and take your mind off of work. Sometimes, it’s as easy as setting your e-mail vacation reply, an updated greeting on your voice mail and you’re off!

But when you work from home, going on vacation takes some advance planning, especially if you run your own business. What if something goes wrong? What if your clients contact you and you’re not available? The anxiety of the “what ifs” can sour any well deserved vacation!

Here are four tips to help keep your home based business running smoothly while you’re taking a break.

Automate Your Updates

If updating your social media profiles is a major part of your work, schedule your updates ahead of time. Schedule Tweets with clients like TweetDeck or Hootsuite. If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can also schedule updates using the sharing tool on your page. Major blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger also allow you to schedule blog posts right from the post creation page.

Find a Backup

Sometimes, automatic tools just aren’t enough for you or your business. In a traditional office environment, you would probably have co-workers to help out. But when you work at home, sometimes when you should enlist some extra help.

If you run a blog, enlist guest bloggers to help you fill in the content while you’re away — this can be a great way to gain contacts within your niche and help promote your work as well. You can also rerun previous content you think would benefit your audience. If you are worried about comment moderation while you are away, see if your guest blogger(s) are willing to help you out while you’re on vacation.

If your home-based business needs are more involved, consider enlisting some professional temporary help. Networking with other home based professionals in your field is a great way to find help. Virtual assistants are also a great resource for all sorts of business tasks. Ask around to see if anyone you know has a great VA to recommend or try the member database at International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).


Taking your gear with you can be a real temptation to do some work while you’re on vacation. I know that I’ve fallen in to the “I’ll just check my email for a second” trap only to look up again hours later. Avoid the urge by leaving your work gear at home. After all, you don’t have it with you, you can’t work!

If you tend to work from your smartphone, put it on “vacation mode” by moving any of your work-related apps off the home screen so you won’t be tempted to use them while you’re on vacation.

Return Slowly

When your home and office are the same place, it might seem like a good idea to slip right back into “work” mode. Whenever possible, give yourself some time to enjoy home for a little bit before you go right back to work. Give yourself a day or so to unwind and be home before getting back to work, even if your home office is only a few steps away.

What tips do you have to leave your work at home?  How do you avoid bringing work on vacation with you?

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