5 Apps for Back to School

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It’s back to school time for a lot of families. If you’ve got a tablet or a smartphone, there’s a huge variety of different apps out there that can help your student (or yourself!) with school work. Here are five of my favorites:

Multipurpose Tools

Evernote (iOS / Android) – FREE

Evernote is a powerful, easy to use organizational tool. Adults use it all the time, but even middle school and high school students can take advantage of Evernote’s impressive note taking/sharing capabilities, including snapshots and audio notes. On Evernote’s official blog, one student documented how he used Evernote to manage his workflow and stay focused by doing things like scanning his notes, using it for group projects, and developing an organized study system via Evernote.

Dictionary.com (iOS/Android) – FREE

Looking up words, their meanings and pronunciations is something every student will have to do, from elementary school right through college and beyond. Dictionary.com puts the power of the world’s most popular online dictionary and thesaurus right into your mobile device. The free version of the app is ad-supported but you can upgrade to the ad-free premium version for $2.99.

Want to help your student build their vocabulary or test their spelling skills? Dictionary.com also has free flashcard and spelling study apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Wolfram|Alpha (iOS / Android)

If you have a question about science, math, statistics, or anything like it, Wolfram Alpha can help. Unlike most search engines, which discover answers from pre-existing content, Wolfram Alpha actually computes the answer from stored data and has the power over 10,000 CPU’s crunching away to find the answer. With Wolfram Alpha, your back-to-schooler has a supercomputer in their pocket. (Maybe it’s the nerd in me but I think that’s REALLY cool.)

Wolfram Alpha is a premium app and  is available for both iOS ($1.99 at the App Store) and Android ($3.99 at the Play Store).

Homework Management

No student loves it, but most students have to do it: HOMEWORK. If you or your student think that you could benefit from a dedicated homework and management app, here are two popular choices for iOS and Android.

Homework (iOS) -$0.99

This top-rated, premium app is a robust homework manager that includes assignment tracking, reading tracking, course scheduling and alerts. You can even store your teacher’s contact information right in the app. iHomework is also available as a Mac app.

Homework (Android) – Free

HomeWork is an assignment and schedule tracker that allows you to track homework, exams and schedules for days and weeks. This Android app also allows you to create homepage widgets to track specific assignments or classes.

What are your favorite school-related apps?


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