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5 Fun Ways to Display Collections

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

5 Fun Ways to Display Collections at
source: The Pennington Point

I’ve been setting out all of my spring decor and redoing my shelves and surfaces. One of the things I love about changing things around is pulling together collections.

Sometimes we have a purposeful collection like vintage dolls or souvenir spoons. But often I will discover an accidental collection that I have. Like I realize I have 4 white pitchers or several old clocks and can enjoy putting them together for a season.

Here are 5 fun ways to display your collections.

1. Try something simple.

source: Joy’s Hope

A collection doesn’t have to be expensive or rare. Simple jars found anywhere (even empty sauce jars!) can be beautiful. These painted yellow and filled with wildflowers make a lovely display lined on a shelf or as a centerpiece.

2. Mix with other textures.

source: The Pennington Point

One of the difficulties of displaying a collection is that all of the pieces have the same texture. It can make a display look too one dimensional. I wanted to display my group of sand timers, but they seemed to disappear on the shelf because they are glass and all the same. So, I mixed them with other materials like wood and metal to make the timers pop.

3. Display on a ladder.

source: prettyhandygirl


This is a great alternative to a shelf. A collection of beach trinkets, toys or anything rustic would look darling on this ladder display.

4. Paint them to match.

source: The Pennington Point

I found a bunch of old trophies and thought they would be a fun thing to display. I spray painted them all white and clustered them on a chest…super cute!

5. Place inside a frame.

source: The Pennington Point

I’m a big fan of the large, empty frame. It’s a wonderful way to unify a small collection. I put my kids’ silhouettes in this one, but it would be adorable with plates, clocks, vintage postcards or even more empty frames!

I hope you’ll look around your house for some collections to display. Open your mind to anything you have three or more of. Bowls, books, keys, baskets, kids’ drawings, numbers, candles, toys, bottles, game pieces, even cereal boxes can be made into a cute display. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have any collections?

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