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5 Long-Term Marketing Strategies Worth Investing In

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Some marketing strategies are short-term and are designed to attract customers quickly. These include limited-time offer emails, temporary billboard advertisements, and trade show exhibitions. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing solely on these short-term strategies because they want to generate customers fast. But it’s also worth considering a few long-term marketing strategies too. These may have slower results, but they could help you attract a much more steady flow of customers over a longer period in the future.

What are a few different long-term marketing strategies that are worth undertaking? This post explores five different examples.

Brand awareness

Building brand awareness involves constantly exposing potential customers to your brand so that they become familiar with it. When customers are already familiar with your brand, they are more likely to choose you when it comes to actually needing your product or service. 

To build brand awareness, you need to first build a memorably striking brand. This includes coming up with a snappy brand name, an eye-catching logo, and a distinctive color scheme. Slogans, radio jingles, and mascots are other branding ideas to consider. Creating constant exposure through PPC adverts, posters, or flyers could help people to recognize your brand. 


SEO involves using keywords, building hyperlinks, and improving your website’s functionality in order to boost your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO can take time to take effect – it could take 3 to 6 months before you notice your rankings increasing. However, this is worth it for the extra business that you’re likely to attract.

Because SEO is quite complex, it’s often worth hiring an SEO company to help. By choosing a top-rated company, you could see greater results in the long run.

Evergreen content

Some blog posts and videos are designed to tap into trending topics. However, this content can end up getting little to no views in the long run once it loses relevancy. Evergreen content is designed to get continuous engagement because it never becomes irrelevant. Generating this type of content is a great way to keep generating visitors (and potentially customers) without having to constantly rely on new content.

It’s worth noting that you may still have to occasionally tweak these posts to keep them relevant. However, the overall topic should never become dated. You could create this content yourself or work with copywriters and video production companies to come up with evergreen content.

Loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes are designed to keep existing customers coming back. This could include allowing customers to collect points, which can be put towards discounts. Alternatively, it could involve encouraging customers to become paid members, entitling them to ongoing exclusive discounts. 

There are companies that can help you set up loyalty schemes – which could include issuing a card, creating an app, or allowing customers to collect points through your website. 

Physical signage

If you own a store, having a bold sign above the door could be essential for attracting customers. An eye-catching sign can attract customers there and then, but unlike a poster or a billboard, it is permanent, and so will continue to generate customers in the future. 

It’s important that your sign is durable and that the design is timeless so that you won’t need to replace it in a few years. Make sure to hire a trusted sign manufacturing company to ensure this. It’s worth noting that vehicle signage can have a similar impact while also serving as a chance to build brand awareness. 

Featured Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay