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5 Quick-Fixes to Fix Overwhelm When Working from Home

The following post is from Prerna of The Mom Writes:

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Burnt out.

Just plain tired.

Yes, we’ve all been there. Whether you’d been working from home for 6 months or 6 years, chances are there have been days in your life, when everything just seemed to snowball and your carefully arranged life just seems to fall apart.

What do you do?

Here are my 5 strategies for coping with work-at-home overwhelm and coming out feeling awesome instead of lonesome:

1. Take a nap.

That’s right. When overwhelm creeps up, take a power nap. Draw the shades, play some soft music, close the door and just rest. A short 10-minute nap, too, can yield wonders and give your tired mind a much-needed rest.  If needed, let the kids watch a 15-minute cartoon clip while you get some shuteye. Trust me, they’ll be happier if you are happier.

 2. Review your routine.

Write down everything you need to do as part of your work-at-home routine. Are there things on there that you can let go off? Like checking email twice in the same hour.  Or are there tasks that aren’t giving you any returns? Like being on a social network where your target audience doesn’t interact much.  Review all your action items and activities and see what can be shuffled around, dropped, delegated.

3. Seek some support.

This work-at-home gig can’t be done alone. That’s right. You need a support system to keep you motivated. Inspire you. Encourage you. Pick you up when you fumble.

Whether it is your spouse, a mentor, an online mastermind group, a coach, find your cheerleading squad and help them help you by asking, sharing and being honest about your struggles and challenges.

4. Eat clean. Stay hydrated. Exercise.

Put in junk. Feel like junk. Simple. Eat healthy and you’ll feel much better. Whenever I wake up in the morning feeling horrid, I know it is because of what I ate the day before.  In my experience, food plays a HUGE role in how we feel, our energy levels, our moods, our overall behavior. So, skip that packet of preservative-laden, chemically flavored packet of chips and munch on some fruits and nuts instead.

Also, remember to drink enough water. Dehydration can cause stress and make you feel exhausted and irritable. I keep a pitcher of water on my desk while working and set myself the goal of drinking it up before my work day ends.

Working from home often means we skip getting out of the house.  Ask me how I know. However, when it feels as if things are getting way too much for you to handle, close the laptop and head out for a run or a walk. Just being out, breathing in fresh clean air, can help unclog your head and help you think clearly and come back ready to tackle that to-do list.

5. Clear your desk.

Finally, overwhelm loves clutter. If you’re desk is piled high with papers, files, post-it notes floating around and office supplies sticking out in random places, it is time to get decluttering and clear out your desk. This season, I have been busy spring cleaning my home and business and it feels wonderful!

How do you deal with work-at-home overwhelm? 

Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in being postively productive, parenting with love and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her journey and experiences with productivity and parenting at The Mom Writes.