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Photo by Malinda Madugalle on Unsplash

5 Reasons You Will Love Bentota, Sri Lanka

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Are you wondering about your next travel destination? If yes, Bentota, Sri Lanka, must be on your list! A stunning beach town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Bentota is home to some of the finest coral reefs, thriving marine life, and natural landscapes on the island.  

With its calm water, the Bentota river is suitable for windsurfing and surfing, while you have the aromatic Cinnamon Island, where you can witness how the loved spice is processed. 

There are a lot of reasons why you will fall in love with Bentota, Sri Lanka, and here are 5 of them: 

Visit Geoffrey Bawa’s Country Estate, Lunuganga 

 A former rubber estate turned country home by none other than the esteemed Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, Lunuganga is one of the most well-preserved destinations in Bentota. Nestled on Dedduwa Lake, Lunuganga is not only famous for its pristine views of the lush cinnamon hills or the sea that dazzles under the tropical sun but also for its extravagant architecture and design. Today, Lunuganga serves as the seat of a luxurious boutique hotel, inviting guests from all over to experience Bawa’s holistic approach to creating a paradise on earth. Enjoy garden visits amid lush foliage and wilderness.

Go Windsurfing in Bentota

A visit to Sri Lanka is incomplete without dabbling in some form of water activity. You can always just dip your toes in the clean, crisp water. But, what’s even better is the thrill of windsurfing or surfing the waves in the water around Bentota town. You have ample opportunity to hit the waves, or if you’re a beginner, you can even take a few lessons before you start. The scenic views combined with the refreshingly cool waters is a one-of-a-kind, almost cathartic experience. 

Stay in Private Villas in Bentota, Sri Lanka 

Private villas in Bentota, Sri Lanka, are spectacularly designed with exclusive amenities and luxurious comforts. Featuring historical Sri Lankan architecture, with period furniture and interiors, each villa is unique in its own right. If you’re traveling with children, the comfort of having your own swimming pool, kitchen, and outdoor spaces is unmatched. Pick a property that serves your needs, whether it’s the proximity to the beach, in-villa activities like yoga or cooking lessons, or architectural style. 

Visit the Historical Galle Dutch Fort 

The Dutch Fort in Galle city isn’t just a monument to Sri Lanka’s rich, colonial past but also home to several property owners and Government officials. Built in the 16th-century by the Portuguese, the Galle Fort was fortified by the Dutch. It ended up in the hands of the British empire in the 18th-century, which made certain changes to its layout and architecture. The fort has churches, historical streets, and bastions that you can explore to learn more about the city and the island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most-visited places in Sri Lanka, especially on the southwest coast. 

Breathe in the Heady Aroma on Cinnamon Island

Situated on Koggala Lake, Sri Lanka, Cinnamon Island is an island where you will find acres of cinnamon trees planted as early as the 1900s. You will find private villas, landscaped gardens, and other native flora on the island like coconut and peppercorn. Cinnamon Island is a unique experience where you can acquaint yourself with how the spice is processed—from bark to cinnamon sticks as we know them. 

Bentota, Sri Lanka, is an experience more than a travel destination. It is not just a pretty beach but also a gateway to the history of Sri Lanka, all steeped in its colonial past. Visiting these beloved destinations in Bentota will bring you a step closer to the island’s secrets, the gorgeous coast, and the lives of its people. 

Featured Photo by Malinda Madugalle on Unsplash