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5 Secrets to Being a Super Fun Mom

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action: 5 Secrets to Being a Super Fun Mom

The summer is about halfway over, and it may or may not be going as you’d hoped. But never fear. You don’t need a surprise trip to Disneyland to make this a memorable summer for your kids. You just need a little creativity and a whole lot of y-o-u.

Here are five simple ways to be a super fun mom and give your children a summer to remember.

1. Use Your Secret Talent

I know you have one. It may be goofy, silly, or something you haven’t done for years.

Juggling, drawing, singing, origami, sewing, tying cherry stems in knots in your mouth, ventriloquism, balloon art?

Whatever your secret talent is, show off for your kids. Teach them and wow them with your skills.

No matter how dorky it is, it’s guaranteed to make some fun (and funny) memories for your family.

My secret “talent” is accents. My kids pick the country, my “job,” and whether I’m happy or sad, and then I have to do a little monologue as that character.

They LOVE it. They also know they’re the only ones who ever see me do that, so they feel pretty special.

What’s your secret talent?

2. Be Spontaneous

One of our favorite things to do with the kids is something we call a Pajama Run.

We put the kids to bed just like every other night, and then after about 5-10 minutes, we run in yelling, “Pajama Run! Get in the car! Hurry! Go! Go!”

Then we take them to get ice cream at a drive-in restaurant like Sonic.

Getting ice cream is normal. Getting ice cream in your pj’s after bedtime? Awesome.

(Note: If you do this with your kids, you might want to save the yelling and screaming until the second time you do it. I don’t want to freak them out. Also, we have a rule that if they ask for a PJ Run, we automatically can’t do one. This is key as it spares you from daily begging.)

3. Be a Rebel

Do things differently. Maybe even break your own rules.

Have a yelling contest. Jump on the bed with them. Spend the day in your PJs.

Have a backward night. Eat dessert first. Have the kids put YOU to bed first.

Pick something you always do a certain way and do it all differently for one night.

4. Follow Their Lead

Ask them what they want to do and follow along. Play tag, cars, dress up. Cook in the kitchen and make a mess. Play with mud. Build a furniture fort.

Too often, we think that fun times with our kids happen when we plan something, but they equally treasure the moments when we simply join them in their play.

5. Have a Dance Party

Turn on some fun music and have a good old-fashioned family dance party. Kids can’t tell if you have rhythm or not. I’m proof of that. Our children just like to be silly with us.

The Bottom Line Bonus Secret

Give your child your full attention. They care more about that than a big vacation, a thousand candy bars or all the toys in the world.

Put down the cell phone, the book, the camera, the dish towel or whatever is dividing your attention and give 100% of you to your children.

THAT is the secret to being a super fun mom.

What is one fun thing you like to do with your children?

Kat blogs at Inspired To Action, a site dedicated to helping moms develop the habits and skills they need to effectively manage their homes and raise children who are prepared to change the world. Kat loves music, running, technology, Jesus and Tex-Mex food. Not necessarily in that order.