6 Fun Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Family Affair

The following post is from Kacey of Next Level Mama:

source: Kacey

Warmer weather. Tiny shoots of green on the lawn. Fresh buds on the trees. Longer days. All of this spells the beginning of Spring…and Spring Cleaning. Mandi’s about two weeks into “Spring Cleaning Made Easy,” but if you’re like me, you might be off to a slow start. Part of my resistance to spring cleaning is often the sheer enormity of the task. It helps that Mandi’s breaking it up into small baby steps. Another way to make the task not seem like a life sentence is to get the entire family involved.

Here are six simple, yet fun ways to make spring cleaning in your home a family affair.

  • Make it a game – Add a little friendly competition to spring cleaning. For example, assign each family member a different room or task and see who can finish first. Or, see who can fold the most clothes or gather the most toys in a certain amount of time. If you have a large family, group everyone into teams and have the teams compete to clean up the fastest. Reward the winner with a fun snack or treat.
  • Turn up the music – Everything’s a bit more fun with music. Turn up the radio or compile everyone’s favorite songs on your mp3 player and have a dance/clean-up party.
  • Set the timer – Let your family know up front how long you want them to clean up for the day. Set a timer for say, 15 or 30 minutes. Knowing how long they have to work beforehand, gives them a finish line to work towards.
  • Work/Reward – All work and no play is no fun. Let everyone know that after they’ve put in a long of cleaning, you’ll reward them with a fun activity. Perhaps you could plan a day at the zoo, a picnic in the park, or trip to the movie theater.
  • Surprise party – While your family is busy at work cleaning, you could secretly conspire to interrupt everyone’s cleaning efforts with a short, impromptu party. For example, you could sound a loud noisemaker and lead everyone to the designated party spot. You could have an ice cream sundae bar or smoothie party.
  • Show your appreciation – Once I start cleaning, I’m often guilty of getting agitated and turning into drill sargent mode. This is often because I look over my messy house and begin to wonder why no one else seems to appreciate a clean house or why keeping the house clean is such a neverending battle. However, this is not the best to win over spring cleaning fans. So, while you and the family are cleaning up, be sure to shower them with compliments and kind words of appreciation.

How’s your spring cleaning going? Do you usually get the family involved? If you have any other ideas for making spring cleaning a family affair, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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