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6 Questions to Ask When Visiting a Mattress Store

Choosing a new mattress is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your house, and it’s more complicated than ever. New mattress types are being introduced all the time at your local mattress store, and there’s a perfect fit for just about every sleeping style and body type.  

It can be helpful to consult a professional to make the right choice for long-term sleep comfort. A visit to a mattress store is a great chance to pick the brain of experts who can guide you to the right fit. Here are six questions you should ask before making your purchase at a mattress store. 

What Size Mattress Do I Need?

There are two main factors to consider when picking a mattress size: your body type and who is sleeping with you. The first will be clear if you’re shopping in person, but make sure to explain your living situation to the expert helping you so they can point you to the right mattress. 

Singles will need a different mattress size than couples, and if you have kids who sometimes like to sleep in the same bed or even a dog that just can’t be taught to stay at the foot of the bed, make sure to account for that. The good news is, virtually all mattress types come in small and large sizes. 

Should I Go Firm or Soft?

The wrong firmness on a mattress can lead to uncomfortable nights of sleep. The right fit for you will depend on several factors, primarily the way you sleep. Back, side, and stomach sleepers all have different needs

Back sleepers usually want the firmest mattress with enough give to provide comfort and back support. Stomach sleepers will want a little more give to ensure a comfortable feel for their face. Side sleepers vary but lean towards the softer end of the spectrum. You should also explain to the expert any painful areas where you might need extra give or support. 

Can I Test It?

This is the biggest area where going to visit mattress stores may give you an advantage. Many mattress stores have tester mattresses right in the store where you can get an idea of the feel of the mattress. But even testing it in the store isn’t the same as knowing how you sleep on it. 

Look for mattresses that offer a trial period where you can take the mattress home and get at least a few hours of sleep. Ask about the store’s testing and return policies and how to get the mattress to and from your house if needed. 

Are There Any Discounts?

Mattresses can be expensive, so come prepared to bargain-hunt can be helpful if you want the best mattress at a low price. Check the store’s website or search for the query like What mattress is comparable to purple and the websites of whatever brand you’re interested in to see if there are any special offers.

Even if no discounts are obvious, don’t hesitate to ask the expert if they know of any. For example, they might point you to a brand or model you didn’t know about for a discount offer. And if you know about a discount offered elsewhere, there’s no harm in asking if the store you’re visiting will honor the lower price. 

How Can I Finance My Mattress?

A mattress is a major purchase, but even if you can’t afford it in full right now, a good night’s sleep is worth it. Furniture stores know that not everyone can swing the full price immediately and are often more flexible with payment plans than online retailers or big box stores. 

Before purchasing, ask the employee or manager about special payment plans or installment arrangements. Also, ensure you’ve covered all your bases with extras, including insurance plans, warranties, and other potential hidden costs. 

How Do I Care for My Mattress?

Once you’ve purchased your mattress, the next step is making sure you don’t have to buy another one for a long time. Next, make sure to ask how to properly clean your mattress and extend its longevity. When you lie on a mattress every night, it’s bound to get things like sweat, skin cells, and dirt in it. Even if you don’t wear it down structurally, this can make for an unpleasant sleep environment. And before you purchase, check reviews to see if this mattress model holds up over time. 

Questions Answered

There’s no better way to get a good night’s sleep than with a new mattress. Picking the right one is never easy, so it is best to be fully informed. These six questions will help you narrow down the field and find the mattress of your dreams. 

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