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6 Reasons to Get a Skylight

Skylights look super luxurious and add an element of class to any home. Did you know there are many other benefits of installing a skylight? It’s enough reason to look for the best skylights Melbourne has to offer when you move to town. Keep reading to find out why you should consider installing one in your home.

Let the Sun Shine In 

Skylights allow natural sunlight to enter the room and give a feeling of openness and warmth. You can look up and see the beautiful view outside. Sunlight makes people feel happy and content and lowers their blood pressure. 

Saves Energy

The sun provides enough natural light, so you don’t need to turn on the electric lights as often as you think. This means that careful strategic placement of skylights can dramatically decrease your energy bills. Also, airflow makes your home feel more comfortable, so you will want to spend more time indoors. Why not make the most of your home?

Adds to the Resale Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your house, adding a skylight will instantly add value to your property and allow you to ask for more money when you put it on the market. Everyone is trying to be more environmentally conscious and go green. Having a skylight is a great first step on the journey to go green and become more energy-efficient. This is an excellent benefit for potential buyers and can help you get a better return on your investment.

Let the Heat In

Another excellent benefit of having a skylight is that it lets the sunlight in while protecting you from the elements. The solar light reflects through the window and heats your house. A skylight can significantly increase the heat in a room that doesn’t have windows or one that feels small and damp. This means winter can be much more comfortable thanks to these installations.

Helps You Sleep Better

If you install a skylight in your bedroom, you will sleep so much better at night. The natural light helps to regulate your sleeping pattern and allows you to have a more peaceful night.

Natural light increases the amount of melatonin your body produces. That’s the chemical responsible for helping you stay asleep. The longer you are exposed to natural light while you sleep, the easier it will be to regulate your sleep cycle and start reaping the benefits of a full night’s rest.


Let’s face it, skylights look amazing. They make a small space feel a lot larger and gives you a peek at the outside world. Interior designers recommend installing them in dark hallways to take advantage of the natural light and instantly modernize the space.

Skylight window
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Keeps You Healthy 

Sunlight is a natural mood enhancer, and spending only a few minutes exposed to it will greatly improve your mood and mental health. Sunlight gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which aids in keeping colds and flu at bay. A good dose of sunlight will lower your blood pressure, support brain function, and help prevent diseases.

Skylights provide ventilation that allows the air to move around. This means that mold, fungi, and other bacteria will have a much harder time growing. They thrive in damp, cold conditions, but a skylight can prevent this from happening.

Options to Consider

Consider the different options for skylights to select the perfect one for your home:

  • Tilt window: This type of skylight is different because it opens from the upper hinge. A professional can help you decide if this option would suit your type of roof. It requires a flashing kit to be installed in addition to the light.
  • Fixed: Not actually considered a window because it doesn’t open but still lets the natural sunlight flow into the room.
  • Escape window: Usually installed in an attic or somewhere with access to a roof, these windows can be opened completely. You can use them to exit the building in an emergency or in case of a fire.

Make Sure it’s Installed Correctly

The only problem that some people experience is that the skylight leaks. You can avoid this issue by hiring a professional to install the light for you. If the skylight is not installed correctly, it could damage your roof. For added peace of mind, the contractor will seal the area with a leakproof material that will hold even during the worse storm.


If you’re looking for a quick way to add natural light to rooms, save on energy costs and reap the other benefits that skylights offer, you’ve found it. Skylights are not only beautiful to look at but come with many health benefits and increase your level of happiness.

I can’t see a reason not to install a skylight. Can you?

Featured Photo by Layton Diament on Unsplash