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6 Secrets on How to Make Money in the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry racks up a nice $84 billion from gym fees alone in an average year. With health and fitness being a fashionable trend right now, this is likely to climb even higher. People want to look good and feel good, and the internet is a great tool to help put people in touch with others who can make their health dreams come true. If you are interested in making money in the fitness industry, here are six secrets to help you out.

1. Selling Workout Plans

It’s been tough for many in the fitness industry to make a living over the last year. If you are a health and fitness freak that is interested in being a personal trainer or have already taken a personal trainer course, and at this point you may have, or are considering obtaining an online personal trainer certificate, why not consider selling workout plans? Fitness plans can be very profitable as they are digital products easily distributed to people who would otherwise not have access to them. 

They can be sold as a video, PDF, or both as a package deal on your online stone. Unfortunately, selling a workout plan is not as easy as creating it. You will need to invest time and a bit of money into selling your product and building a fanbase of people who are interested in your product and want to recommend it to other people. If you already have an audience who is interested in you and what you do, selling a workout plan is a super-easy way to make money.

2. Custom Meal Plans

If you have a background in cooking, designing and offering custom meal plans could be the way forward for you. This is different from selling meal plan eBooks. They are custom for a reason, and that’s because they take information about each client into accounts, such as age, weight, and taste preferences, and give them a plan based on that.

They take up more time than meal plan eBooks do to put together as they have to be created or altered weekly or monthly for each client. Because of this, you can charge more money for the service because it is a personal service rather than a piece of literature.

3. Selling Fitness Products

With gyms being closed in some places, people have had to find new ways to get fit. With all of the online workout plans and digital coaches, people are finding that they prefer to work out at home. This makes it a great market to enter right now. It is also a great time to introduce people to products they might not have used in the past, especially with the emergence of so many new fitness technologies. These include fitness trackers, fit boards, foam rollers, and new supplements, as well as more contemporary technologies such as jump ropes, exercise balls, resistance bands, etc.

Fitbit has shown just how profitable fitness watches can be and a market for fitness products. The tricky part is finding something that grabs people’s attention. When you have their interest, you need to hold onto it. The best way to do this is through social media, particularly TikTok and Instagram, as so many of these platforms users are part of the fitness community and are looking for the newest fad.

4. Create A Blog

This isn’t exactly the easiest option on this list. It is, however, one of the most lucrative options on this list. Once it is up and running, there are so many ways to earn money. You can do so through advertising space, affiliate marketing, paid membership forums, your personal services, and even brand partnerships opportunities. This can take a year or two to get started, so it is something that takes time and money.

5. Fitness Journalism

If you can write, but the idea of a blog does not appeal to you in the slightest, why not consider writing for one? There are so many fitness websites and magazines out there. Fitness writers are a hot commodity right now, and you can get a pretty penny (between $25-$60 an hour) for your work.

6. Create A Fitness App

Many people out there love to track my health and fitness goals through my phone. Apps are a quick and super convenient way to do this. You could go the paid app route or the free route. Both are quite profitable. It’s a good idea to keep things free, with additional paid features if people want them because the ad revenue you can bring in while keeping your app free is quite fair.

When venturing into fitness app development, there are a few different avenues you can take. You could do an all-encompassing fitness goal management app, or you could do a step tracker, healthy recipes, meal prep, a workout guide, or even something as simple as membership forums. It is best to have multiple uses for one app, but if you think you can make an app that does one or two of these really well, go for it.

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If you are interested in joining the fitness industry, go out and find which of these models best suits you.

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