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6 Signs You need a Bathroom Renovation

It often happens that we don’t put a lot of attention into our bathrooms – the way we design them, their sustainability, and their architecture. And these are those parts of our houses that are very prone to damage. That is why our bathrooms are so susceptible to damage despite regular cleaning and maintaining all the hygienic protocols. Most damages are also only treated from the surface. They are not dealt with from their roots. This calls for frequent renovations because if these loosely-treated damages are not rechecked from time to time, they will go on to spoil the structure of our entire house. However, frequent renovations can get very expensive and can burn several holes in your pocket. That is why you should get one solid bathroom renovation so that it lasts for a very long time and doesn’t cost you more time and money in the future. 

Getting your bathroom renovation in Melbourne will not only change the entire look of your bathroom but also damage-proof it from potential sources. Moreover, every morning when you walk into these smartly designed washrooms, it will brighten up your mood with its attractiveness and convenience. So, how do you know that it is the right time for you to get a renovation for your bathroom? These are the six signs that you need a bathroom renovation that you should look for:

  1. Dull and Dingy: Nobody likes a dull and dingy bathroom. It spoils the mood and is also off-putting to the guests who visit you. It can be a source of great embarrassment. So, after long use, if your bathroom has started looking dingy and dull, it might be the right time to get a renovation. So, after long use, if your bathroom sink has started looking dingy and dull, it might be the right time to get a new one from that will instantly brighten up your bathroom’s ambiance and allow you to keep this a more fresh space.
  2. Wall damage: Bathrooms are most prone to water damages. Leaking pipes or overflowing bathtubs can cause the floor to damage if it is not checked in time. If you have a wooden floor, the sign of a damaged floor is when it becomes soft. The constant moisture in the air also dampens the walls. As a result, cracks start appearing on the walls, which are a huge danger to the structure of your house. 
  3. Old designs: Most of the bathrooms in houses are built according to the old designs. This makes your bathroom inconvenient to use and outdated. It is the era of smart technology, and your bathroom also needs to keep up with it. If you use a smartphone that makes your life so much easier, why not smart bathrooms for that extra ease. Maybe it is time to spend more on bathroom fixtures like waterfall faucets and rain-style shower heads to enhance its elegance. Upgrade your outdated toilets by replacing them with high-quality saniflo toilets, as they do not require a complete overhaul of the system and are easy to install.

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  4. Smell: Always trust your senses when it comes to finding out things. If you start getting a regular pungent smell from your bathroom, your bathroom likely needs a renovation. Pungent smell in your bathroom means that the walls have become dampened and are going through internal damage that is usually not visible to the naked eye. 
  5. Paint coming off: Another sign that you need a renovation in your bathroom is that you can see the paint coming off. This happens due to multiple reasons. Sometimes, the moisture in the bathroom reacts with the paint, which causes it to crumble and peel off. 
  6. Mold: A bathroom is also a closed space mostly. That is why it becomes very humid. This causes mold. If it is not checked at the right time, this humidity can also cause mildew in your bathroom. As a result, patches on the walls add to the space’s unattractiveness and contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere.

So, now that you know the signs that the time has come for a renovation in your bathroom make sure that you also make the most out of this process. Approaching this problem from the surface will further increase your cost without actually solving the problem. In this case, you will keep needing frequent renovations, which are again very cumbersome amidst our busy schedules. 

With a deep-rooted renovation, your bathroom can be transformed into a smart bathroom that will eliminate the need for frequent renovations and make your bathroom look so attractive. So much so that you will have a hard time leaving the place at all. So, diagnose the structure-damaging signs that your bathroom is giving you today and make a wise decision. Transform your bathroom and see your mood getting transformed every morning as well. 

Featured Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash