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6 Tips For Women How To Stay Fit In Any Age

I remember when getting older used to be looked at as a slow march towards death. Becoming ill was almost normal because things just didn’t work the way they used to. Thankfully those days are going away. Getting older is now seen as entering a mature time in life that can still be active and fulfilling. This is because more people are making better choices for their health and well-being.

Aging is known as the ongoing process of getting older with physical and chemical changes to the body. The body produces less collagen which causes wrinkles, muscles start to get smaller, mental functions start to slow down, and falls are more likely to happen. Those changes do not make any of us ready for the nursing home. It simply means we have to change the way we do things in order to keep our minds and bodies intact.

There are many ways to keep yourself going as you age but we will only hit on six topics.


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Walking has many benefits that contribute to physical and mental health. Walking causes the heart to pump at a faster rhythmic rate which takes oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. It also aids in burning calories which will help keep weight off. Walking is a less strenuous way to exercise muscles and joints. This will help to maintain mobility and reduce falls. Walking is also an effective weight-bearing exercise in that it brings calcium to the bones and prevents osteoporosis. Even just stepping outside to walk in the fresh air and sunshine can reduce depression, stress, and increase cognitive activity.

Hormone therapy

Hormones and aging have a really strong connection as time pass our hormone levels start to decline and that leads to some unexpected issues. For women, some hormones increase while others decrease or stay the same causing an imbalance. It’s important to try to keep a hormonal balance at any age, so many therapies have been developed to help these issues. One form of treatment that can help is human growth hormone therapy or HGH therapy. HGH is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland and works in conjunction with metabolism, cell repair, and body composition making it a great way to help reduce aging. When we are overweight our bodies have to compensate for the extra weight. Hormones that were once functioning properly produce less to make adjustments for other bodily processes. By reducing weight our bodies reset themselves and those hormones and functions that were once diminishing start to correct themselves to work properly again. But this kind of treatment can be used only under a doctor prescription, which you can get in a legal HRT clinic.

Strength training

It’s not uncommon for muscles to shrink and lose their mass as we age. It is important to reduce those changes as much as possible. Strength training keeps muscles toned and also helps to keep a person active well beyond 50. Toned arms will allow you to lift things like groceries and laundry. A toned core and toned legs are essential for posture which can affect balance, mobility and reduces falls. All of which are concerns with aging.


Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that is also a total body workout with high impact and low resistance due to the water. If bearing weight is a concern then movements such as squatting, jogging, or walking in water are just as effective as they are outside of the water. Stress relief increased stamina, strengthening, flexibility, and weight control are benefits you can gain by getting into the water.


One fun way to stay active is dancing. Dancing is one of those things where you are so focused on the steps or other people that you don’t consider it to be a workout. Dancing has been known to stimulate the brain by causing new connections. It helps to maintain balance, coordination and is a great way to get the blood circulating. Dancing also helps to release endorphins, improves spatial recognition (being aware of yourself and other objects around you), increases long-term memory, and improves cognitive skills. If space is an issue, get your group together and rent a dance studio today!


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Cycling is another low impact activity that can be done to keep the body intact. Cycling helps to build muscles and reduces muscle atrophy or shrinkage. It is yet another way to help with weight loss and mobility of the lower extremities. In the case that you have mobility issues, there are bikes with a low bar section to accommodate those who can’t swing their legs very high upon mounting. There are also bikes with bigger seats and tires to help relieve stress on the body.

There are many other ways to keep active as we age. Find the right activity that can work for your body and lifestyle. Be sure to speak with your physician before starting any activities. Enjoy life, take care of your health, and stay active.    

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